All About Equality<3

Hii Everyone!

Hope You all Are Good And Doing Good.

So, I am Here Today , To shout and Say That I am Not A Feminist.

Stop Calling me That :/

Yesterday a good friend of Mine, Said ‘Tu Puri Feminist Ho Gae Hai’ :/

Well Frankly speaking If You Read My Blogs Till Date, Then You Will Find Stuffs, Everything Related To Everytopic,Not Only Women’s.

 And Yes I would Like to Clear One More Thing, My Blog ‘BEINGSHEBLOG’ Is Not about Just Women’s Its About ‘Me’/’My Thoughts’ /’My Experiences’/ ‘Everything Whats Goes Inside Me and My Mind’ 

|’Women On Top’ Says : 

Being a human We all want to be on Top, So i am a ‘Women’ and I too wanna be on Top<3.|

I am not a ‘Feminist’ but I always think regrading equality in respect to women’s, because People Think that women’s are weak, but its not so, We Women’s don’t demand for something more then anyone else in society, We Just Want Equality 🙂 

There’s a Double Face of Everything 

FIRST thing, Today we are getting a proper law based society for women’s to a extent ,For Their ‘Right place’.It is being misused by the one’s who are not even deprived of anything, and the one who actually need Doesn’t get anything.

Our Society, Today Is Like,

  • Dowry is crime, But one who is actually going through this, Is still suffering, and some women’s somewhere make a false accusation on their in laws(This is so wrong, I came through many news regarding this, This makes me think, Should i be a feminist? For Such women’s? And Then i think what about other’s who actually face this? If someone didnt stood up for them,what will happen to them then?)

  • Then Comes ‘Rape’, This is the worst thing happening in this world, but lets talk, Nowadays, some women’s even play with this too (ridiculous) They use this as a weapon for taking revenge/money from Men’s,What to say further,They dont even think that they play with those women’s who actually Suffered :/Well Should i be feminist? If yes,then what if,i stood for a wrong women, If No, Then, What if, A Women who suffered Left Without justice?
  • Women’s nowadays have started Separating their husband from their Parents. So should i be a feminist for such women’s? What about men’s in this case? (Well,recent law by government stating that if a women separates a son from his parent’s, Then that will be a crime, I founded it so cool! 🙂 )

Well Women’s are not always the Victim,Its about everyone, Who is suffering must be Free from his/her Pain, Which can happen through Equality💜

So, i dont wanna be ‘Feminist’ I am a ‘Human’ And I Want Equality For each one of Us.💝

Well, Its A Women or a men, all should be treated equal, Because

“If Women’s are Architecture of our Society then a Men Is the society Itself”


My Thought

No Comparison<3 

Frustrated India ki beti/beta:-

I am Just Me.

I Cant be Unki beti/Unka Beta/Padosi ka baccha/ Ya Chachi ka baccha/ buaa ka bacha / Tau ji ka Bachha’s.

Lemme Do My Things, My way.

I might become an inspiration For all those Baccha’s to whom you are comparing me today.✌💝

Dont Compare Your Child With Anyone,Even I go through this alot,I am not blaming My parents neither Your, Its Society Which makes Views Regarding what we do, and Obviously, Parents wants best For you, But its not good, Comparing Your Child With anyone, Even Parents are wrong here.

Everyone is special Here, Not talking about Only an IAS / DOCTOR / ENGINEER / IPS , Also about a DANCER / MUSICIAN / WRITER / SINGER / ACTOR / PAINTER / ARTIST etc…


My Thought

Shaadi – :/

When the age of a Girl Strike 22/23/24 and so on, The First Question Which Strikes people’s mind is 

To  Girl👇

“Beta Shaadi ka kya khayaal hai” 

To Parents👇

“Bitiya ki shaadi ki age ho gae hai, ab nhi toh kb sochenge”

And i think : “Meri Chinta inhe mere parents se bhi jyada hai” *Strange*😑

Well, I personally think or i can say when people ask me to get marry/When to marry???

Well, I have no Plans but i have something to say 👇

First thing, I Have to Do the best in my life, and achieve everything i wish for,

And When I will achieve everything, And Be successful then, I wont allow my parents to give dowry to the person i marry or to the family.

And then if that person dont want to marry me, its okay,Then Tata babye!

(Firstly my dad made me study and perfect and now he has to give money for my more perfect life with my Husband/Family,Strange In that case i would prefer life with my perfect DAD only.)

Secondly, If I wont succeed Then I won’t marry anyone.

Because, I am not here to satisfy someone’s lust for money.

I am not here to detoriate my Father’s ‘Immandari ki kamai’ .

And Even i Wont take ‘What my Father’s give ‘Pyaar se’se’

 Generally, People tag dowry as ‘Are Bitiya ke Pita ne pyaar se diya h’😝

This is what i think.

No offence.🙊✌




Instead of putting colours on face And Body, I suggest you, Fill Colours in the life of People around you/ With You.


Each Festival comes to unite you with everyone Whether its a human or an animal around you, Its Your responsibility to Play your part.

And make everyone happy around you.

Message: Do not throw colours on animals, Because It might not suit their skin(It happens in your case,human).

👉And think once, that how will they remove it?

If you are enough smart😎

👉Well, I will not ask you to Save water because If you cant save it in those 364 days, Then how will you able to do on this day specially😝

🔹•||I would hv shared photos, Because i play holi very badly👌But This time no holi for me, As i told you all ,earlier, i lost my bhabhi ji few days back, So No Holi! but You all have to play and enjoy on my behalf too.||•


May your life be filled with happiness and may you be successful in whatever you do. Beingsheblog , Wishing you a very happy Holi.

Enjoy and Play a Safe Holi and Eat and Repeat👌💜



Hope is Beautiful<3

We all Are Going Through Something, Which makes us feel that our life is not less than a ‘Battlefield’.

But its Upto Us we make war or love.

Well, We suffer alot, (Talking about everyone)

But a thing which make us survive inspite of all problems and coming difficulties in life is ‘Hope’.

Its ‘Hope’ Which Never allow us to Give up.

Its ‘Hope’ Which Make us Believe that Yes We can achieve what we want.

Its ‘Hope’ Which make us forget our all pain with each sunset and give a Fresh start with each sunrise.

Its ‘Hope’ Which made you Read This, In a ‘Hope’ That This Blog Might Inspire and motivate you and You get more stronger💜

Its ‘Hope’ That You Wish for Bringing a change (Same like me) In society.

Its ‘Hope’ That Will make You say Yes i did! I won💜