Loving him was a special feeling, I can’t express.🌼

But hating him,

My Heart expressed, By closing itself in a cage.😑

It hasn’t stop beating, It just stop loving.


What you expect from me? I know you want my pain to heal, And broken pieces of heart to stick.

I am doing that, Somewhat I have healed it, But don’t expect my Heart to beat once again for a person, because it healed, only on a condition of loving myself, only me will be my priority now.

And by that time,till now, it has healed properly but it doesn’t came out of that cage, because still a fear,

a fear of falling in love again with a guy, what if he too brokes my Heart and keep it aside.

//heartincage// -beingsheblog❤

_______________ . .



We wear short dresses, you find it a problem.We wear saree with a backless blouse, you find it a problem, You think we are provoking you, Allowing you to stare or touch.

But you forget one thing. Even you are blessed with so many women’s who are yours. God has given you a beautiful mother / sister / wife / Daughter, Think once, When you stare a girl or try touching her in crowd. _____________

Because somewhere someone is doing the same thing with your women.😑

You should understand naa?

We are human too.

Dont make us feel everyday like, We have to hide everything,

It feels so bad,😕 When we go out and someone stares, Like yes it happens sometimes, Our bra stripes must be visible to you, Sometimes we wear such tops, that make it visible, But you cant think like, its for getting your attention.😼 Its just that it happens.


Imagine you coming out in a boxer, and we staring you, Continuosly, You wont feel macho, You will definitely feel, Whats wrong with my boxer?👅

Sometimes even we feel like, Covering our whole body with clothes as much as possible that, even our skin is not visible. Preventing your eyes, Scanning us from inside.

Let us breathe. Don’t make us feel uncomfortable atleast.❤

-beingsheblog .




Hey! I can’t be you, even you ,even you, or anyone else. Just because you are living a beautiful life, doesn’t mean, I will become like you for enjoying the same taste of a beautiful life because may be definition of a beautiful life, is different from my view. I just want to live my life, I want to do, what my Heart wants to do, not what people expect me doing, because again I am saying,

If I be like you, then why god wasted his time making ME.

Yeah, I want to arrange flowers in my Garden, I want to collect stones and paint it with different colours, I want to draw, I want to travel, I want to write, is it important to follow what others are following?


-afreesoul (this is so me, I am trying being myself)




A arrange marriage,

First night.

He was taking me inside his room, oops sorry, i mean our room.💜

a beautiful room, decorated with flowers, But he stopped me over the door, went to make a change in room,

I was watching him from the door, He removed that white bedsheet, He changed it with a different color, as if he wanted to prove his purity,

Purity of Heart? I whispered😻

I asked him what you wanted to prove doing that?


He said- I was not proving that i am a gentleman or pure of Heart, i just wanted you to be comfortable and i wanted to start the very first day of our life with *love* not a *agnipareeksha*, over your virginity.

I dont know about your past, and i dont even want to know.

What happened, what you did? Was your LIFE, and i am not anyone to question you,over your things. That would be so cruel of me.

And i just wanna love you. Over the things, which i am coming across right from the first day of our marriage rituals.💖


I realised, How lucky i am, I got a MAN.❤💃 *Such man’s do exist.* . . .



Why bad things happen to good people?

Your everytime favourite Question to God, isn’t it? .

If we see someone, sufferinfg around us, or our friend/ relative ,we think once, why this is happening to him/ her, they are so good.

But actually you forget one thing, that you are no one to judge someone’s goodness over the tons of good things he did for u.

So, based on superficial appearances, one might say, “Oh, he was such a nice man. Why did he have to suffer so?” But there were things that the man did that led to him being in pain, that we are unaware of.

Similarly, in our lives when we see so much injustice and evil around us, most of us wonder why God is silent. Why me! What did I do to deserve this?” And why doesn’t He do anything about it?

Most of these questions can be answered by the law of Karma.


He was good to you, doesnt mean, he never did something bad, his suffering today is something which he must have given to someone else, and he is getting back.


In general, the reaction for a good deed is material enjoyment and the reaction to a sinful activity is distress. As the karmic record, cannot be black or white but have million shades of gray, therefore everyone suffers a combination of pleasure and pain. Karma thus locks us up in a cycle of action and subsequent reaction. Some which are about and some we are not like the analogy of the movie. As long as we are in this cycle, we will experience both happiness and distress.

Even if we act in a pious way, we destine ourselves to accept another material body at death to enjoy the reactions to our materially good actions.

As long as we accept a material body we can not avoid the miseries of disease, old age, and death.


So, play safe. . .



I never believed in love,

But when i believed, i wasn’t loved.

I still remember him, afterall,He was my first love, He made me realised, Love do exist.

But nothing is permanent, and every love story is not a fairytale, with a beautiful end, some are worst of all.

And no one knows who will fall in trap of such stories, i didnt knew, i ll be one of them, afterall, its LIFE, and Unexpected thing occurs, to make us better.

I still remember that day, When he proposed me, I just gave love a chance, and after that, life begin to change and that too in a positive direction,

We use to talk for hours, Those dates, those flowers, those surprises, made me feel like yes, love is a beautiful thing, to experience.

But at the end Its Life and even if i say life is not responsible for our Pain, But few people makes an entry to give it a horrible taste.

Suddenly positive turned negative. He started shaping me as he wants, he wanted me to look more pretty, Hot, so that he can compete in his friend’s group, and often he treated me like an object as i am with him to please his friends.

He wanted many changes in me. Is this love? I dont think so, If he would have loved me, He would have never thought to change me.

I would have even think to change him, Inspite of those flaws in him, but i loved him as a person he was. Suddenly, i realised i am with something, who needs everything in a single person, but its impossible, everyone is different, and Perfection lies in that.

I told him, if you wanna stay, stay with me, but if you wanna change me as you want, go to hell.

Hunt for someone. Who is ready to change. May be she is ready to or may be and if not.Continue your Hunt for next,

This time not me.

He didint wait for a second, He didnt even think twice. He left, May be he got a better person, He will have to put less effort in shaping her, but who cares now.

Thank you man, You helped me alot, You changed me a little, but that was positive, atleast formysake.




I got a friend like you, or I got a person like me.

We may differ by face, But soul remains the same.

When I need you the most, You appear like a ghost.

When no one trust, You are always first.

What make me smile, is your existence,

What make me scream is your absence.

Your love comes in whole, Because you dont know what’s 1/4th.

I cried, when fate turned me down, You were the first to hold me up, and made me feel like a crown.

We are together, by our choice, Nor destiny would have separate us thrice.

When people made my fun, You were the one who made them run.

When no one understood my Dream, You were the one who made it live.

You did thousand of things for me, and never expected a single at least.

I owe you this life, Coz you coloured those empty space and made my life.

A beautiful picture with a green landscape.

This is FRIEND.


Happy Fiendship Day to all.