All started so well, Childhood, lkg’s, ukg’s, School, Friendship, memories, love, hatred, enemies.

Journey just has started.

  • Dreams were secnd most important thing, first was life itself. 
  • Being Full of life defined us🙆
  • Dance, music ws life books were just a need for surviving Class to class, cmpetition ws Healthy And we were too🙆(Now we Die For Perfect Figure):P
  • Family ws just forsake, frnds became family.
  • We found many and some people were so close to us that even we could die for them.💕 

All went good 🙂



  • We Fall in love, Some people go through so worst and some find heaven.
  •  Lucky are those who find heaven, but the one who goes through worst, learn so well that They Start loving themselves.

And At the end its just about you, Love yourself.

  •  By dat time in our life We lost many people And had few with us left in our journey.

even in dat few some became enemies. 

  • Yes Accept that Till Date You Were immature, mistakes are part of life, I too did many (Countless ;))
  • But yes now We are grown up and mature.
  • Best part of being mature is that now we don’t make many frnds And dont trust nyone easily.

Dreams are becoming Everything Because it last long❤

  • And yes You will be alone In your world but be fabulous. have positive people around and if possible try turning negativity to positivity.
  • Don’t become part of crowd, live individually with your individual thoughts.

 Talking about myself now I m a strong Girl, ambitious, sincere And wanna achieve Everything i wish! 🙆

  • And i must make it clear i m chnged And yes this chnge is for i me myself, not for nyone else. 
  • No personal grudges, infact i dont Give damn now, 

The one who were with me, And left me thinking dat i m the wrst i promise you, I ll shw u one day wht best is actualy?

  • And on my part I am sorry To all whom I Have Hurt.
  • ‘Jab Raaste Badalte hai toh, us mod pe ek pal ke lie SB yaad aata Jo hua hmare saath’:) sabke saath hota h.
  • We all have a story, and we experience so much from our journey that makes us so mature,

I will make you read Experienced sort of things,so that smthng You may learn.

  • Share Your Experienced sort of things to me, I will Share on my blog 🙂

Make everyone aware of everything, Do your best, Because we are Here to make this world more BEAUTIFUL: )

  • With love<3

P.S- My Thought, No offence, if u think more better way do share.


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  1. Jai chaudhary says:

    Nice one 🙂

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  2. manish rao says:

    Good luck

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    1. beingsheblog says:

      Thank you for the response 🙂


  3. elizarudolf says:


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  4. That true Dear!


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