|Disrespecting Her Will Make You Harm too|•~^Maa Durga^~•

​​`|Goddess lies within every women,Find it and you are safe|`;)

  • Yesterday, I was travelling by train,I found many People Travelling Basically For ‘Navratri’ And Exactly For ‘Maa Durga’.
  • I was like Woah..! Yes I ws surprised because mostly were men among them.
  • It Was a change for me and even For everyone For atleast 9/10 Days of this navratri.
  • because what we actually find in paper in morning is 
  1. A women got raped, 
  2. A women got harassed, 
  3. a women got murdered etc.
  • And These people worship maa durga, Disrespecting women in society.

They don’t know or they don’t wanna accept that Goddess lies within every women.

  • I have heard many stories (can’t share all but one will make you believe what actually I wanna say)
  • There was a man who use to beat her wife, Only because according to him she was not the one as he wanted,So he used to Make her suffer the best, But the worst was that he worship ‘Maa Durga’And In the best way he could.

Is it good? Beating a women on one hand and worship by another :/ This is Damn Cruel.

  • It is said that

“Wherever women are given their due respect, even the deities like to reside, and where they are not respected, all action remains unfruitful.”

  • This was one,among many which happens Every day.

Every women is beautiful ,powerful, elegant in her own way.

  • Maa durga has 9 Forms, 9 Faces,9 roles,9 powers,And same With the women.
  •  but People treat women as the biggest problem, when she is actually the solution to every problem.
  • The Nine Forms ~The Nine Roles 
  • Each form depict a women From society.
  1. 1.) Sailaputrī ~Goddess of Inspiration
  2. 2.) Brahmachāriṇī ~Goddess of sacred study
  3. 3.) Chandraghaṇ~Goddess of delight of practise
  4. 4.) Kūṣmāṇḍa ~Goddess of purifying austerity
  5. 5.) Skanda-Mātā ~Goddess who nurtures difinity
  6. 6.) Kātyāyanī ~pureness
  7. 7.) Kālarātrī~Goddess of the Dark Night of Overcoming Egotism
  8. 8.) Mahāgaurī~Goddess of the Great Radiant Light
  9. 9.) Siddhidātrī ~Goddess who grant perfection

“Relievers of Difficulties”

  • No need to wait for navratri to worship Goddess Durga, You have one (It might be Your Wife,Sister,Daughter, mother,Or a women)Near You,Worship her ,Respect her, ‘Maa Durga’ Will be worshipped.

And other way,

  •  if you rape her,Harass her,kill her,Don’t you ever think you will be spare, You will Be saved here, but not there.

Wish you all a very happy’Navratri’.

  • Its not about All,its about the one’s Who disrespect.
  • And my salute to the one’s who Respect Every women,you don’t need my appreciation,She watches everything, You will be Honoured By her in her own way.

P.s-My thought, No offence

  • Loads of love ^_^
  • #JaiMataDi



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheetal satsangi says:

    Nice lines diksha n i appreciate u for your good thoughts, keep writing like this may these things will help someone for changing there mind and they start respecting them , n these names of goddess for the first time i came to know about them..😛 although is good keep giong good job..👍


    1. beingsheblog says:

      Thank you so much, I wish people do think once wht u thought reading this. 🙂


  2. Sk says:

    Nice one….keep posting…


  3. That’s so bad My Dear!
    Take it from me Women are much higher Man.
    In our Hindu Mythology why do they have given such a high position to her.
    More of our Gods are female.
    And these so called men do Pooja to her.
    Mentioning the names of Durga and her features has boosted the importance of this post and shows the respect you have got for her.
    My respects to YOU and Maa Durga.
    Let Blessings shower on us.


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