~•|Yes I am a Girl,Don’t You Dare to judge me|•~

We won’t prove You society.Accept us, You have to 😉

 no chance ❤ 😉

  • Judging Someone, Specially Girls is the best Thing to be done by society,according to them.
  • I agree that,Everyone have their thoughts, Different way Of Thinking.
  • But why It always goes with girls,

” it starts with a girl and end too and I will call this a very stupid thing to do”

  • Being a girl, I feel proud *Duniya jeet li ho aisa lgta hai*
  • But with time its like * Duniya Mae Haari hui sirf Mae hi hun kya*

People make us think that.

  • Talking about myself, I never thought that I am a *burden* or *waste*because I have someone who make me realise that *Mae ek taufa hun *Thats my Dad ❤ (I luv him so much) 🙂
  • But I will say this is just one thing in those thousands of thing which is just opposite of it.
  • Only my dad accepted me as I am, he never judged me but*everyone’s father is not just the same*
  • What I found outside*bigaad ke rkha h beti ko,Bhul kuu jaate hai Ki WO beti hai,beta nahi,kuch aisa waisa krke naak naa ktae *

This is fact, We are not acceptable.

  • A girl what she want, love, care ,respect.
  • We don’t need equality, nor we wanna compete with a boy, actually our fight is with everyone who disrespect us, *aur unse jinhone kamjor samajh ke rkha hai *

And they Have made us actually a ‘ROBOT’ 😦

 #See how :/

  • We are living in Society where
  1. He can Take chance. 
  2. He can live his life to fullest. 
  3. He can Live A independent life. 
  4. He can Go for movie any time.
  5. He can dream. 
  6. He can hangout wid friends even in night. 
  7. He can Go out after 8 pm. 
  8. He can do this and he can do that altogether he can do everything. 

And when it comes to she? 

  • How can she live a independent life?

( ‘bigad jaegi’) 

  • Why will she go out after 8pm.?

( “Jrurt hi kya h”) 

  • How can she hangout with friends in night? 

(” Log Kya Kahenge”) 

  • She Cant live as a boy lives Because if she does society will not be able to digest dat! 

Why people? Why such discrimination? 

  • After all this, *inhe sharam toh hai nahi*
  • They say, You can’t because *You are not safe*, *you can be raped * *You can be killed * *you can be Attacked by acid*
  • Seriously, * Ache hum bane,Bura hmare saath hi Karo *
  • They will never fight for us, so that we get protected.

Infact they make us realise that yes,You are already raped, Harassed because you are a girl 😥

  • *Jo bura hai ,WO acha bann ke ghumta hai*
  • *Jo sahi hai,WO toh saccha bhi nhi bann pata,acha door Ki baat hai*

Every girl suffers, no one understand the pain.

 *Ab bas*

  • Yes ,I am born a girl.

​I wanna study andI will Study.*Mae padhungi*

​I have many dreams I will chase it.

  • ​I I will make friends including boys * if you think I am characterless, den *meri jooti tera sir* 😉
  • I will fall in love, * Why only boys have all the fun* 
  • but please dont you dare to say *unki ladki ko dekha, ladke ke saath bike pe thi, ab kaun karega usse shaadi*

  • I will wear every type of dresses, Don’t judge.

Because character is never directly proportional to Dress length *may be inversely * 😛

  • I will marry but time, age I will decide.
  • Please don’t say then *Ladki Ki shaadi nahi kra rae ,jrur ladki Mae koi prblm hai*
  • And I ll give birth to a child (whether its a boy or a girl)
  • Don’t ask me to abort ,when its a girl.


Leave us alone, don’t interfere.

  • Its our life.

And even I also agree that, Now girls are better securing their place in society.

  • I only talk about the one’s who are still *not reachable *
  • Stand for yourself.
  • We don’t need anyone 🙂
  • We are born fighters 😉
  • Prove yourself to You ‘never to anyone else’

Till then, 

  • *Let the stars shine under ur light*
  • *they actually need *

P.s- No offence, boys who support infact people who support us ,thank you ❤



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheetal satsangi says:

    In today’s scenario judging a girl is came to an end coz every person is busy in there work but there r some people in a society they do such things coz there is a generation gap n by today’s time people developing according to the world . n still there r people they don’t even know what’s going on so they r type of people those r still years back in there life n its not easy for them to overcome from that second thing is illiteracy it is the biggest problem in our country by this they don’t even know what’s going on in the world they still thinks girl is nothing. still in coming years it will be all good time changes people changes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunith says:

    If only every woman is allowed to or allows herself to think this way, it would be a better world. Nice post Diksha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 👍 Spread the Word.👌
    If starts with YOU,I mean a girl or woman and ends with YOU.
    Be proud.
    Do not get up set.
    Things are for a change.
    If not shall face the wrath.
    Happy New Year


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