~|This Diwali, ^Made In India^, A Big No To ^Made in China^|~

  • Hello everyone.Hope You all are doing well. October is all about Festive month, Happiness, togetherness, Religious, Peace, love, Fun and Enjoyment❤
  •  I know You all must be so indulge in it but Reading this will take your little time and it will be worth it.♥😆
  • Meanwhile, India Is getting too hot these days,Pakistan, terrorism, And least Shocking That China Is not supporting India. 
  • Least shock because of the love ~hate relationship that they carry.
  • Infact, Indians Are more interested in buying Chinese product like mobile, laptops and other goods. Which is not a good thing at least for now. 

Chinese products must be banned. #Boycott Chinese products. 

  • People should not buy Chinese goods. Instead, Indian goods should be used. Trade with China is affecting our country. China is not our friend nation. China can buy weapons with whatever money it earns. There is a possibility that the weapons are given to enemy countries… 
  • We should focus on *Make in India*❤
  • This Diwali We must prefer *Desi*over *Chinese*. 
  • Well you must be thinking *Desi like *? I am here to tell you. And in fact you know That we Indians are Too Creative, Then why to opt for smthng which is not worth it.

So how? 

  • Lemme tell you. 
  • This Diwali, We must celebrate togetherness, actually which defines INDIA ♥:)

This Diwali Celebrate it with *Desh ki mitti ka Diya*and *Garreb ke haathon ka Diya *

Buying Diyas from People selling on streets this Diwali, Their blessings will light up your House.♥

  • And actually buying *made in China product* for Diwali like those lights and other decorative items it doesn’t give real satisfaction But this will give*110%assurance *
  • Even you can use the lights made in India *Thoda expensive, but at least Tikkta hai*
  • In this way, The money Is Spent in our own country and poor people get benefitted, And self satisfaction Is also achieved whether it’s you or that poor man. 

*Dusre Desh Ko ameer kyu bnae,aao mil ke gareebi mitae *

  • Don’t do charity, Giving money to poor people, what they get actually, *Kuch time ki khusi * Provide them What they need actually to survive. 
  • Buy *Diyas* Jo unhone Apne haathon se bnaya, mehnat ki and Atlast Uska result mila Unhe. At least ‘Himmat milti Unhe *
  •  Warna *Begging, I found this worst thing to do provided One having one pair of hand, leg, voice, eyes. *

These lines Do read it, 👇

It’s worth reading. 

  • पटाखो कि दुकान से दूर हाथों मे, 
  • कुछ सिक्के गिनते मैने उसे देखा…
  • एक गरीब बच्चे कि आखों मे,
  • मैने दिवाली को मरते देखा.
  • थी चाह उसे भी नए कपडे पहनने की…
  • पर उन्ही पूराने कपडो को मैने उसे साफ करते देखा.
  • तुमने देखा कभी चाँद पर बैठा पानी?
  • मैने उसके रुखसर पर बैठा देखा.
  • हम करते है सदा अपने ग़मो कि नुमाईश…
  • उसे चूप-चाप ग़मो को पीते देखा.
  • थे नही माँ-बाप उसके..
  • उसे माँ का प्यार आैर पापा के हाथों की कमी मेहंसूस करते देखा.
  • जब मैने कहा, “बच्चे, क्या चहिये तुम्हे”?
  • तो उसे चुप-चाप मुस्कुरा कर “ना” मे सिर हिलाते देखा.
  • थी वह उम्र बहुत छोटी अभी…
  • पर उसके अंदर मैने ज़मीर को पलते देखा
  • रात को सारे शहर कि दीपो कि लौ मे…
  • मैने उसके हसते, मगर बेबस चेहरें को देखा.
  • हम तो जीन्दा है अभी शान से यहा.
  • पर उसे जीते जी शान से मरते देकखा.
  • नामकूल रही दिवाली मेरी…
  • जब मैने जि़दगी के इस दूसरे अजीब से पहेलु को देखा.
  • कोई मनाता है जश्न
  • आैर कोई रेहता है तरस्ता…
  • मैने वो देखा..
  • जो हम सब ने देख कर भी नही देखा.
  • लोग कहते है, त्योहार होते है जि़दगी मे खूशीयो के लिए,तो क्यो मैने उसे मन ही मन मे घूटते और तरस्ते देखा?:'(:(

So, Do good to others. 

  • I am In, I am doing this ♥:)👍

P. S- no offense, I seriously don’t want to be against any country, or people etc it’s just 

~|Hamare achai ka fayda uthana band kro |

|hum Agar khud Pe aae toh Jaan de bhi sakte aur le bhi sakte |~

Jai Hind Jai Bharat. ♥

And most important *Big Salute to Our Indian Soldiers *

  • We love you. 💪❤👌

And seriously try this, this Diwali. 

  • Even My Dad is with me. 
  • Wbu? 
  • Babye. 

Till den Do something Making others happy ❤👌



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  1. Jai Chaudhary says:

    Nice thought sister.
    Hum log aise hi Diwali mnaenge. 👍


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