Can Money Buy Happiness? 

Hey, Everyone! 

This actually, I wanted To Write so badly, Because it’s so important, especially Today, When Everyone Is Suffering little because of less money, But with a Crores of smiles💕

Actually Few Days Back I posted a status on my Fb, Status was like-

*Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Actually Proved* 

And I posted this because, I really meant It,And these Days I Hv realized that Yes ~We Can Survive With Less money in pocket too~✌ So, I posted it, as ‘Actually Proved’ .👌

After Posting, I got many Comments, And Personal review of many People (Friends, Family,And even Unknown People too) 

And even I Debated with a close friend of Mine(Muskan Chawla) Over This, I would love to share with You All my Lovely Readers💕

So It Goes Like, 

Chaudhary Diksha – Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Actually Proved. 

Muskan Chawla – You are writing this money can’t buy happiness sitting in a room full of luxury things. Having the access to internet, typing all over on your smartphone. Ironical itself.

Chaudhary Diksha- See, I Hv written its actually proved, I believe always that money can’t buy happiness, but yes God has Given me facilities, *kisi bhi cheez Ki kmi Nhi hai* But yes *Meko itti aadat bhi Nahi hai * I can survive without these things too.. ☺And Yes that’s the reason I always help who needs.👌And I can survive without these Stuffs too, Internet, cell phone. Etc and most importantly these days are like so light, *Pehle ye tha Ki ye chahie, wo chahie * Ab toh *Mann hi Nhi krta* And *paisa hote hue people are not happy * so proved ~money can’t buy happiness~ And ab Tm Agar Itta dekhoge Toh Desh Kaise chlega, Tb Toh people will like Hit PM Modi Saying *Khud aram se hai, Hume Takleef de raha*#Againstblackmoney#AgainstCorruption#PM MODi👌💕

Muskan Chawla – You can survive without these things. Agreed! You don’t need your necessities that is food, shelter over head and clothes. Can’t agree anymore. Because you definetely need money to have access to these. Paise hote hue people are not happy. That means they have some other problems that made them sad. And that is something we should not bother about. (If we are here talking about black money they owe and they aren’t happy about it, then they really shouldnt be. Rather they owe that sadness and feeling of a looser right now for betraying with their own country. Its just that there deeds finally paid them off. For that matter #ISupportModi actually for every matter, for every cause he has been upto till date since the day he had been the PM I support him. ) But this ( Paise hote hue people are not happy.) line shouldn’t make you jump to the conclusion that money can’t buy happiness. Since can’t is a strong word. And such strong word of opposition shouldn’t be used. As for a major portion of people money is priority. For leaving a normal life with there loved ones. Now, for the matter of happiness. Let me just give a small example. Dont you feel that feeling of happiness while buying a pair of boots that you wanted from last christmas or a floral print sassy dress or even a piece of chocolate that works as a stressbuster in your low times or stressful moments. Say a No and you will be knowing that you are lying to yourself. I hope you get the idea. 

Chaudhary Diksha-Muskan Chawla See baby I agree that these things give Satisfaction and happiness, Like a Dress, Eating in a Five star hotel, Boots and etc etc, but Wht I mean is, We can live and survive without such things too,I know we need money for food, shelter and everything, but think once about Poor people, they survive even in that little money, binding everything here, it’s just that *Agar Hum Kum Mae Khush rehna seekhe toh,People will never do crime, so much black money, people need this only for a luxurious life, koi charity krne ke lie black money kbhi Nhi kmata, (Agar Khi kisi ko forcefully Lena pdd rha, then use it for Charity). I know that Money is priority, because Jitta Hume Ek DIL Ki jrurt hai Zinda Rehne ke lie Waise hi paisa, but Agr hmesha sochne Lge Hum Ki Kbhi bhi Heart can stop beating, and Paise khtm ho Jaenge, How will we survive Then.💖 My Dad Your Dad, talking about every loyal person, Aaj Wo smjh rae honge Ki *Black money* Andhere Mae hi le jaata, Even with that white money We are happy, we are able to survive. Money can’t buy happiness, and Aaj *Paise hote bhi *works on our part too, Because Hum *Kum Kharch kar rae * but Phir bhi Khush h Naa? 🙂And Yes Yes yes, Money can’t buy happiness.

And Seriously, one most important thing this is my view, ~Papa NE sikhaya hai Paise ko itti ahmiyat Mt do, Ki Kal ko tum uske Bina reh hi Naa pao ~ Insaaniyat aur Imaandari never fulll the stomach but give a Immense pleasure. And yes I need food to survive, But I wanna eat with happiness and live with happiness, happiness I find in Helping the one’s who badly need it. And being loyal to The one who gave me born and one Who has given me a beautiful place to live💖

Muskan Chawla-Poor people, they survive even in that little money. Agreed. Yes they survive in that little money but just surviving and survivng with happiness are two different things. What makes you think that way that they are happily surviving with that little money? Middle class people would be, no doubt. But talking about the poor, definetely not. You have not seen the pain of being able to feed only 2 out of 5-6 family members, Neither have I seen. But it happens. Does that little money making them happy. Definetely not. I just couldn’t agree with your statement of Money Can’t buy Happiness. Emphasising on the word Can’t. Not in every case it makes sense. CAN’T is a strong word. I told you. It should rather have been Black money won’t buy happiness (indicating to all those greedy people who wants more and more and more.) or it could be more like One can’t solely rely on money for happiness. It would make a real sense to me. Imagine a life without money? Won’t even last more than a (depends) day. You are helping others because you are able to. If you yourself wouldn’t have, You won’t be able to give or share. You are lucky, not everyone is. That’s what my point is all about. For you it wouldn’t be buying happiness because you have access to all your necessities and now your idea of happiness is shifted towards giving and charitable works. But that’s not the situation with everyone out there. To be more precise not with a lot of people out there. As they are struggling hard for just meeting their daily requirements.

Chaudhary Diksha-You Hv not understand What I meant. I said money can’t buy happiness, that’s true thing that it can buy everything, we lead a luxurious life because of money. So r u trying to say If a person has everything he is happy? Happiness is because of money he or she has? Will You Die, If you will not have a pretty dress or a pair of branded shoes, or you don’t eat pizza for a month. I don’t think so baby. You are focusing on how money is important for life that’s true thing, But Money just gives satisfaction never happiness, Like example : I wanted a apple cell phone, I need money for dat, I have and I bought it, I got an immense pleasure, I was satisfied, just satisfied. And I understand the pain of poor people, I know they are not happiest, but at least real, *Hum logo se Jada fake Kaun h? * *khusiayan Hum uncheezo Mae dhundhte hai, Jo actually Bs Kuch samay tak satisfaction deti h* I understand their pain,they don’t get anything enough, but I have always found they have less tension, less depending on Smthng etc etc. And that is another thing, lemme tell u Smthng, for example : ‘Tmhe jyada Khusi Khud se mehnat krke Kisi competitive exam ko nikalne Mae milegi ya Tmhara selection Nhi hua and admission Tmhare dad NE Paise de ke ya donation deke kra diye.?think? Secondly, Meko tmhari bht jrurt h, I need your help I m suffering a lot because mere paas Paise Kum h, you helped me out, providing money. What will give me real happiness Tmhare Paise Dena ya Tmhara mere sath us MUSHKIL Mae khada Hona? Think? It’s just that money gives us satisfaction. And one thing, I have everything doesn’t make me capable of helping everyone, it’s just dat the one who don’t Hv anything even, Help everyone, if you wanna know where and how.? Ask me I will tell you.. And yes we can’t survive without money, I am not saying we don’t need it, we are talking about happiness here, Yes Agar Paise Naa ho toh Ek din bhi Nhi survive kr skte, you are saying this this is correct but Yaha bhi money is just a need not happiness. And Muskan, I know people here, consider money as everything but seriously it’s not everything it’s just a thing,Kyuki Paise hone ke baad bhi koi Aage Nhi aata kisi Ki help krne Jb tk insaaniyat hi Naa ho, aur Paise se kisi Ki help Kro, toh is baat se Khusi Nhi milti Ki itte Paise diye but is baat se Ki yes we helped someone.💖

Muskan Chawla – I will definitely talk to you over this when we meet. I have a lot to say over this. My major concern is even for your least of necessities you need money even for a non branded extra cheapy piece of cloth you need money, even for a small piece of bread or a small packet of biscuit ( be it whatever. you need money) and when you get(buy) it. It makes you happy.No, to me it gives happiness along with satisfaction. This is what I think. 

Well, she is the not only who thinks this way, Majority Thinks This way,This is the reason, People Get Corrupt, they Find Happiness In Such things which can only Be Brought By Money. 
I too asked some of my Friends, Can Money Buy Happiness? 

Gaurav Kumar : Yes Happiness is Lamborghini and Money is needed for it. 

Anshul George : ~Jab Tak Jeb Mae paisa hai Duniya puchti hai kaisa hai~

Sadaf Fatima- Money can Fulfill the needs but never happiness. 

Diksha singh- Circumstances, matters. 

Sheetal Satsangi – ‘Paise haathon Ki mail hai, aaaj hai, kya Pta kl ho Naa ho’ 

We Need money For Surviving,  But Remember the most important Thing Is *Insaaniyat and Imandari* These two Things gives Immense pleasure and Happiness.💕 
Consider money as a priority in life But after ~Dreams, Life, People in Your life~💞

And For Me- Money Is just another Thing, Most Important is Humanity,and Yes I Have A quote by Bob Marley *It says It all* 👇

People think once, The Black money, People don’t earn this because they Love Black, It’s Just For Satisfying Thier luxurious Needs. SO, I believe Rather Than Competing let’s Unite and Fight For A Better INDIA💖✋Let us prove, *Vande Matram* We Don’t Sing just as a song, But We mean it. 






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