~Do Forsake Of HUMANITY~👌💚



Hey Human, 

Could You Help me? 


Who Are You, 

Our Relationship? 

Do I know You? 

No No, You Don’t Know him. 

But You can Help. 


For the sake of? 

For The Sake Of Humanity, 

I know, 

Nothing connects you to him, 

You know your people 

With whom you walk, 

With whom you share your frndship, 

With whom you eat, 

With whom you Live LIFE, 

But, But, 

Remember Thing connecting You to unknown 


I know, Only Few Prefer Humanity as something big thing, But not everyone. 

Why can’t we? 

What we are afraid of? 

I know might You get in to a problem helping someone, But It’s not that Your life has not any Problem. 

I know you might be trapped, if someone just make a fake problem,just to enjoy your kindness, but remember one thing ‘God never make fun of kindness’, the one who made fun, might get in to a problem, with no one around to help, then he will remember you, yes you, and realize yes, I did wrong. And I am sorry to him, and even to myself(I wrote it because, I have come across many fooling others, Dats bad, but even bad has to be made good,your kindness might work) ❤️

Some people are like ‘Unki Life, Unki Problem, Hamari life Mae Kum hai, Jo ab dusro ke bhi problems jhele’  – okay, You may be correct, but not completely, if one thinks such way, then nothing will work properly, play your part, next will surely follow you.❤️

Altogether, I see ‘HUMAN’  but Not ‘HUMANITY’ ✊

See, it’s just as simple as that, we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone❤️👌-by Ronald Reagan

  • Be a #Helpinghand 

  • Help who needs, Either a poor, child, child being abuse, child being forcefully doing work, girl, girl being harassed, tortured, Even a man, who needs it. ✌️

Because Life live for others, is a life worthwhile❤️

So, Must be thinking, How ‘achanak’  i bought this topic,okay, this is because I am going to be a #Helpinghand 💚, You too think once, And be #Helpinghand. ❤️Not for me but Forsake of Humanity. 

  • (You need any help regarding anything, contact me, I will try to help you with my words, and if you find someone suffering, Stand up, and contact me even for any help, I will be there, As a #Helpinghand. 👌💚
  • Actually Few have Tried to contact me on my Facebook page, I totally tried to helped them, will not share who were they, or what help I did, you will find it I m showing off(that is another thing). 
  • If you need any help, or you find Smthng who needs,(poor people, sort of Ngo, anyone in neeed) Message me here 👇
  • https://m.facebook.com/beingsheblog/

  • Contact : Link goes to my Fb page, Twitter, Gmail. 
  • Good Days ahead. 


#beingshe 👐


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  1. elizarudolf says:

    So nice….. 😍😍

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