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Well Said💜 || Beingshe 

I hear people saying,  ~LADKIA BOJH (BURDEN) HOTI~😠 Well, किसे किसे समझाया जाए। पहले मैं सोचती थी।  But now I have realized why to give damn to such people, .  Being Girl She is not born to explain her identity, We have been given a beautiful life, same like you all.  (My dad respects me… Continue reading Well Said💜 || Beingshe 


A Message-Drive Safely🚗 || Beingshe 

Once again welcome to my blog,  ❤️This is a strong message For ~Safety Of Life~❤️ People now a days are so fond of bikes and cars.😎  Dats Not Bad,  Advancement in technologies and so much development has given relief to our foots.  But Everything comes with consequences, Which one has to take care of.  You… Continue reading A Message-Drive Safely🚗 || Beingshe 

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Hey Everyone, Hope You all Are Good and Doing Good 💋 ~I Write For a Change ~ ~My Blog Is For A Change~ Connect With Me and My Beingsheblog❤️ Website : Facebook : Beingshe by DikshaChaudhary Instagram :  beingshe  Twitter : beingshe_dikki Even links are available on Blog ❤️  Stay Connected, Stay Happy❤️… Continue reading ❤️Connect With ~BeingShe~💜


Being Santa❤️ ||Merry Christmas ||Beingshe 

​ Be Your Own Santa❤️ And Also Be a Santa To The One's Who Needs You❤️ Santa is nothing but just a saying that we believe brings happiness to us.  Can't we do this all year long about different things coming our way believing that it is bringing happiness in our lives just by making positive outlooks at… Continue reading Being Santa❤️ ||Merry Christmas ||Beingshe 


Baanjh (बाझं) is Abuse To A Women✋| A Message❤️

Hey people, Hope You all are Good And Doing Good.  This is dedicated to 'Women's' who can't conceive Due to health issues or other problems. Well, Every women on this earth is beauty of this earth❤️  Everyone don't get everything in life, it's just life which we get is always full of complexities, so it's… Continue reading Baanjh (बाझं) is Abuse To A Women✋| A Message❤️

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Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️

Sometimes We Feel Like, What To Do? To make our life Worth Living.  Adventure? Partying? Well, it depends What Your Heart Exactly wants?  Talking about me, I remember From Childhood only, I find happiness in Helping the one's Who Need.❤️Well it's completely about me, and It's not that people think my way with Few Exceptions.… Continue reading Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️