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~Give It Back~|| Beingshe❤️

Hey everyone. 

Hope you are good and Doing good❤️

Well, People I am so busy with my exams, still I have something to share, This was important.

|This is a real incident|👇

Well, A incident  happened with me few days back, and I need to share.👇

  • It was my first exam, I went to university, I gave my exam, while returning, I Fall from the stairs And my Ankle was twisted very badly, I managed to walk By the gate, I reached there, it was paining badly, still was waiting for my driver To Come. 

  • Three boys were standing There, I ws alone and there was no one, even the watchmen, and I ws standing near entrance, People were coming and going because, it ws main market point so *chehel-pehel* Thi. 

  • I was standing there for 15 minutes exactly, and will share Wht usually happens with Girls. 
  • And that also they only understand, but as there’s a solution to every problem, here I also found a solution, Continue reading👇

Boys were like ‘Hi, hello, hello, hi’ , ‘Yaar Kuch to bolo’ , ‘Yaar Jaa Tu le aa  ‘😑


  • And as I told, my leg was paining, I ws not able to walk or even stand. 

They saw me like that and Comment came ‘Utha lun kya’ 😑

  • Then, a girl came there she looked simple and ‘Duniya se koi Mtlb nhi’  Type’ She was standing beside me. 

Then one among those three was roaming around me with cell phone showing me the cell phone For My Number😑

I understood what was happening.🙅

Instead of standing there, Listening to their comments, I thought to ‘Give it back’ 👊

I went, I said Hi, hello, hi. 

They said ‘Hi’ (After Two minutes seeing each other’s face) 😕

Then I was like Lift me Up, I said 5-6 times, even I said ‘English smjh Nhi aati kya’, I am saying ‘Utha loh Mujhe’ . They were seeing each other face. 

Then I said note my no. Take it. 

Silence Prevail😂

They Didn’t Utter A Single Word. 


I just said ‘Mae ye Nhi kahungi Ki Tmhare ghar Mae maa – behen Nhi hai’  But I ll say one thing Make them strong as I am, because Many like you are roaming around.✌️

I went from there, I felt proud. 

I gave it back, this time I didn’t took that comments home telling my friends, mom, dad, family. I have nothing to tell, because Game was over There itself.  🙌

  • See, Everyone, This is completely wrong.  No one understands,what a girl goes through. 
  • Usually it happens if we share this with anyone, They ask us to ignore.

Is Ignoring is okay? 

No, a big No. 

Being a Girl I can understand every women suffers this, but thinking like ~Chodho dhyan Nhi dete~, Let’s ignore. Is not okay. 

  • I am telling you one thing, Ignoring makes them More proud of their deed. 

Today it’s you, tomorrow Someone else, day after tomorrow someone else. 

If it comes to you, stop it there only, don’t allow them to make a chain. 

Give it back. 👍

(Well, that girl she left me there all alone, I won’t say she was bad, but she was not enough strong as I was❤️) 

❤️It’s up to you, how strong you can become.❤️

❤️If you find some one In problem Go to help, Don’t think like ~Uski problem uska sir dard~❤️

❤️I Know saying and writing is easy, doing is difficult, but as we know Girls anyway lives a difficult life, then why not taking difficulties as our strength, fight till our last breath.❤️

❤️Make yourself proud.❤️

❤️You are not born to suffer.❤️

Stay Strong, 

Give it back, to the one’s who actually need a lesson in life.❤️✋

(Dolls, you can fight, even with your legal rights ❤️) 

(Free to contact me, if something bothering you, Will inspire you! And together we can inspire this world❤️) 

Well, You must be thinking, what made me do this, 👇

My Dad =My  strength he always has supported me, he never ask me to give up on anything, he say, come on Let’s fight ❤️~



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  1. हमेशा मुसीबत का डंट कर सामना करना ही सही होता है..कब तक भागा जा सकता है मुसीबतों से..

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