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Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️

Sometimes We Feel Like, What To Do? To make our life Worth Living. 

Adventure? Partying? Well, it depends What Your Heart Exactly wants? 

Talking about me, I remember From Childhood only, I find happiness in Helping the one’s Who Need.❤️Well it’s completely about me, and It’s not that people think my way with Few Exceptions.

Well this is One of those thing which i wanna change, Let’s talk about why I am here so soon. I am here with a piece of advice to everyone, Do if your heart allows you to do that❤️

(My Previous post ~Give It Back~, I saw many people read that, And I was blessed with many precious comments! Well Thank you, it’s just a start❤️) 

Well, Anshul Went For a small trip, he found these two girls, asking for money (and I always say to him, never give money to poors, provide them what they want) So he asked them What will you buy with the money if I give you, they said I am hungry, I will buy *barf*(ice-cream)  and *namkeen*, He said wait I will buy For You and He gave them, they were so happy and Even Ready For these beautiful clicks❤️

Anshul’s heart has very soft corner for poor one’s, he always do such things! Because His heart Makes him Do that❤️ 

This is actually ~Showering Happiness~💞

This is Just an example to show you all, What Actually You want, but You won’t do everytime☺️

It’s so cold outside, Poor one’s have no heater,no blower, even no sweaters, Provide them if you have more❤️

Second most important thing, 👇

You eat food, and sometime you eat so much , don’t do this, because it will lead to obesity, in fact I have a better option,

There are many poor people in our country,who Die of Hunger, Some sleep with empty stomach, instead of eating too much, try to fill those empty stomachs. 

~Khuda sabko sabkuch nahi deta, Tumhe agar iitta diya Hai ki Tumhe wo jyada lg raha, toh koshish karo untak pauchane ki jinhe kum ke mutabik bhi kum diya Hai, kyuki usne diya hi Tumhe dusro tak pauchane ke lie hai~❤️

~bahut khoob kisi ne kaha Hai, gareeb ko jab do niwale mil jate Hai, chehra hi khusi bta deta Hai❤️

aur Maine Toh Unhe Muskurate hue dekha hai~

~Khud ke lie ki gae dua Ek gareeb ki Khuda sune na sune lekin duaa us gareeb ki uske lie jisne usko Do pal ki roti se nawaza Hai, Khuda jarur sunta hai~❤️

People wake up, Laws and Government Can’t eradicate poverty and hunger unless u stood up, You can make a change, start at least 👍


Inspiring You, You Inspire Other and ask them to inspire more people around. 




19 thoughts on “Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️”

  1. Yeah, we the people must be change instead of expecting our corrupt governments to take measures on poverty, and I loved all those lines …feeling Proud following ur Blog.. Really Diksha ji, be posting such inspiring posts.

    Liked by 2 people

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