Baanjh (बाझं) is Abuse To A Women✋| A Message❤️

Hey people, Hope You all are Good And Doing Good. 

This is dedicated to ‘Women’s’ who can’t conceive Due to health issues or other problems.

Well, Every women on this earth is beauty of this earth❤️ 

  • Everyone don’t get everything in life, it’s just life which we get is always full of complexities, so it’s not that every person get what he or she wants, well that is another thing.

Today, in society we have some women’s who are unable to conceive /Give birth to a child due to health issues or some major problems, this doesn’t mean that they are not a women. 

You are no one to say ~Tum aurat hone layak nahi~😑

The people who say such things, I would like to say to you ~Tum Log To insan kehlane ke layak nahi~👊

  • Women’s who are unable to give birth to a child, that pain for her is unbearable itself.

  • And she herself  thinks that she is curse on society. 
  • Instead of supporting them,YOU people make them believe that they actually are😞

My message For Such Women’s :

Well, you are not able to give birth to a child, same way There are children’s who have given birth and left, Find them and Adopt Them,Actually God Made You A saviour for them, You are so lucky❤️

And advancement in biology and technologies enable you to give birth to a child in many ways👍


Well. I always Support ADOPTION☺️

My message to People :

Grow up. 

You can’t blame a person for the things he or she doesn’t have, Go and Fight with God, if You Could Fight. 

And second thing make them feel special what they actually ARE, stop cursing them and saying that you are not a WOMEN.

Saying such things prove that You are also not A HUMAN😑

And most importantly,Calling Those Women’s ‘Baanjh’ is not less than a Abuse, it’s not that God made a ~’Baanjh’ Quota~ For such women’s, These words are made by You. 😑

Instead of discovering such words especially for women’s, Discover Your Mistakes👍. 



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