A Message-Drive Safely🚗 || Beingshe 

Once again welcome to my blog, 
❤️This is a strong message For ~Safety Of Life~❤️

People now a days are so fond of bikes and cars.😎 

Dats Not Bad, 

Advancement in technologies and so much development has given relief to our foots. 

But Everything comes with consequences, Which one has to take care of. 

You might ignore this, but this is not okay.

Now a days what I find when I go out, People run Bike and cars like They might bring Cyclone.😑

Anyone passing by me this way, I am like This is disgusting. Okay, I don’t know him, don’t know the person where he belong from, it’s just about ~A precious thing that’s called Life ~ And Your exploiting it. 

Being A Human I don’t want you to do that that’s it. ❤️

It’s like, 

This life which we are still surviving, Many don’t get, people are dying of natural disasters, poverty, Health issues etc and You all waste your life on Such stupid things.😯

Just a message for the one’s who drives carefree and the one’s who drives rashly,(There are many reasons for this : Alcohol, Drugs taken by youth giving them A different sense of living a life and etc) 

Don’t Drive So fast that even life hits you hard.

 I can understand biking and All is Nowadays becoming a passion For  people but at the end of the day it’s all about life, which has to be taken care of, 

The Air You are breathing is not gifted to everyone😶

Well, I will not take it so long,

Drive safely, For your sake and prevent Unwanted Deaths from happening☺️👍

Take care. 

Enjoy Your New year,Two days left❤️



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  1. well said… One should drive safe and be careful, if not for themselves, for the people who are part of their life.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts..

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    1. Thank you so much mam☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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