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Well Said💜 || Beingshe 

I hear people saying, 


Well, किसे किसे समझाया जाए। पहले मैं सोचती थी। 

But now I have realized why to give damn to such people,

Being Girl She is not born to explain her identity, We have been given a beautiful life, same like you all. 

(My dad respects me a lot, and he is proud to have a daughter, but all are not same, and I have seen many people saying such things, which made me to write this) 

Girls if you ever find someone saying ‘Ladkia Bojh Hoti’  Just say this :


Yes ~Chalo Mae Bojh Hun ~, 

It’s not my problem it’s yours,


It’s yours bad luck not mine, 

It’s yours ~Pichle Janam Ka koi Paap (as people say, Jarur koi Paap Kiya tha beti ho gae), not my❤️👊

Just let me Breathe✌️



27 thoughts on “Well Said💜 || Beingshe ”

      1. I am happy you got it.
        Yes! Of-course I am.
        I have two daughters like YOU. One is an Engineer working and the younger one is studying medicine, she will be a Doctor in a couple of years.
        I also think you are a proud daughter of your father.
        May all good things shower on you My Dear Diksha!


  1. Very nice .God bless you.
    Wish you a proud future and your parents are so lucky .
    Do good works and be happy and stay blessed.
    And make other girls also happy n string.
    Remove social evils.

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      1. Really your parents should proud one day. Hats of to you. Be strong and stay blessed. If u need. Any help I m here u can tell me. Take care. Stay blessed nd safe .
        Keep smiling.
        One day I wanna see every girl smiling and safe.

        Liked by 1 person

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