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❤️A Year Changes Everything❤️||Beingshe✌️

Welcoming You On The Very First Day Of 2017 On My Blog :

◾Well, 365/365 Done with all pages of life for a year, each page has some realisation, moments, memories, Friends, enemies, dreams, experiences, Your Tears, Your Smiles❤️

◽Well, You Changed, You Survived😊

🔹With Love Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2o17, And A Successful and Fruitful Year Ahead❤️

Well, I don’t know from where To start But I will not make this long,

🔹I am a big Dreamer, My Dreams are everything to  me, it’s just that Till date I haven’t achieved everything, But I am Trying My level Best And will keep trying till my last heartbeat❤️

🔸You know I never Crave For success. It’s like when I am trying then even success has to bend down , Your know what bothers me a lot, Is Getting a Looser Tag. 

🔹People don’t understand that The person who is trying still trying never call him a looser Tag Failure But Never a looser, loosers are the one’s who don’t try✊

🔸I just wanna say one thing if you blame a person for being a failure, that’s okay but at least appreciate for trying. 

🔹And, This Year Contributed to my First step : Ever since I was thinking to Start a blog, and Spread awareness through my writing, it’s not I am a perfect writer, it’s just that people today are addicted to social media and All, and we the youth can make any change, if we start it with ourselves, And I Wrote my First Blog, On First Of October (I used to start a blog and delete it, I thought why people will read, They might think reading waste of time, and Then I thought *Mere Jaise toh hazzaron Hai, Jo Likhte Hai, Social Hai, aur changes laana chahte Hai * Then I thought, that’s there way, My way, my thought, my writing Will always be different from them, And then I started)

🔹Well it’s 3 months of my blog today❤️

🔸And now when I see that people read it, They text me, a positive comments by them, they understand what I say, I feel proud, well thank so much, it gives me so relief that someone somewhere is reading getting inspired and Motivating Others. 

🔹Well it’s just a beginning ending will be more beautiful, I Promise❤️

🔸This Year I Realised, Being Alone is so okay, because, its all about you now, you are free and not trapped. 

🔹And talking about me, I seriously get time for Motivating and inspiring You all❤️You All Are My family, Being A Human First, I strongly feel connected with every single person on this earth, yes even you, reading this😇

🔸This Year, You all became my Family (This is for lovely bloggers following me, reading my blogs and appreciating it, thank you and love you❤️) 

🔸This year going deep, I found Some social problems which are to be mentioned on my Blog, will aware You soon❤️

🔹This Year was full of Experiences, Realisation, My Blog(Beingsheblog) , Dream, Failure, Still Trying.❤️

◽A Motivational Section : Never Compare Yourself with anyone, because they show you what they choose to show you, if you thing his/her life is so okay, and mine is blunder dats not okay, because what one suffers he/she only knows, So believe in Yourself, and compare less❤️ You will definitely Rock😊✌️

🔸Better Things are Coming✌️

🔹And I just wanna say Sorry to the one’s whom I ever hurt, and thank you and love you to all, following me, My Blog, Appreciating my writing, will always write something worth reading, I promise.💐

Thank You For Reading, Beingsheblog wishing You all A Very Happy New Year❤️



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