Girls Come Forward and Help Yourself, No one will Come.||Beingshe❤️

Well You All Be must Aware Of The #Bengaluru Incident.😑

I’m deeply pained by the #Bengaluru Incident.

Situation is Getting worse And dat too For us! 😑

I saw the videos On YouTube. It’s Disgusting, Well, Seriously Speaking,If I would have been there, I would have Killed Them, It’s not that I am just writing it, Yes I can Do It.✋

People standing there, No one Step Forward, I will not say that if your mother and sister would be there, you would have done Blunder, Because No, You would have done Nothing.#shame🙅

And I wanna Say One Thing : ~ Ya Toh Insaan Bano Ya toh Doob maro~😑

You need to do this girls Yourself. 

  • You Have To Walk alone, Don’t expect people to come and Help You. 
  • Be Your Own Saviour and How You better know that? 
  • Go for Martial Art Training, Karate, Learn Those stuffs and When a man touches you without your permission Kill Him. 
  • Show everyone, That ~Ladkia Jab Khudpe aati Hai Toh Aasman ko bhi niche laa Sakai Hai~
  • And Yes a message to every  girl,  even if you Find  a girl facing such problem go help her, I know it’s her life, her problems but You need to stand now,because Women’s are Sign Of Unity and Love❤️

Hum ek dusre ke kaam nhi Aaenge toh kaun aaeaga.❤️
Share It and Make each women Strong❤️

Thank You For reading. 



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  1. Every girl should follow these steps

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    1. Thank you share it with your friends and family ❤️

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      1. Sure ! I will share

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