~V Can Foundation-a NGO~ || Beingshe✌️

Hey Everyone, Hope You all Are Good and Doing Good❤️

Well, You all must be thinking what’s this V Can Foundation? 

I am here to tell :

It’s an NGO And A Initiative By A Good Friend Of Mine ‘Aakarshan Mishra’ 👏(Well it’s just a start by him, and I believe ending will be beautiful❤️) It Is Located In Gorakhpur. 

  • V Can Foundation is basically devoted towards working for weaker section of society, The poor one’s and the deprived people. 
  • It aim to help them in every possible way. 
  • Like Providing  them with food, clothes and other basic needs. 
  • It has several awarness campaign, to spread awarness among People.
  • It aims to conduct free medical health camps. 
  •  And It  aimed at working for needy in every possible way.

Sounds interesting naa? 

Well I am Already A part of it, You Too come and support it, 

You must be thinking why?  To support? 

The people connected to this Foundation says that There Are Two Kinds of People In This World: Givers&Takers❤️

The Takers May Eat Better,But The Givers Sleep Better.

You know what, the situation today is like, people don’t get time for themselves they are so busy in their life, making money and making their dreams come true, that they have forgotten what Humanity is. They don’t live a peaceful life,nor have  a peaceful sleep, it’s just because They are Not Happy, and Happiness is not directly proportional to money, but actually Peace, and that can be achieved by helping the Poor people around or the one’s who badly needs it❤️✌️

Well, Choice is Yours I am Giving the link below, like it and connect with it And Spread happiness around❤️


And Share it with your friends✌️ 


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