#5(#againstcorruption) ||Beingshe 

Two Things happens in society. 

Lemme take you to those two things, many of you must have noticed it happening around you. Do leave a comment below👍

Talking about corruption, 

1. The one who are corrupt and getting more and more corrupt on Daily basis. 


2. The one who is Loyal to his work, ‘Imaandar’ suffers a lot on daily basis. 

The corrupt one they don’t digest that, if I am doing wrong for money, why can’t he,

 ‘Bahut imaandari chadhi hai, utarta hu’

 and seriously he make him so suffer that he too think that why I am not corrupt?:'(

And sometimes among those good ones some are so good that never give up on their ‘Imaandari’  They Struggle a lot but never follow the path of corrupt ones. 

They are good,doing good, but what they get? 

I have come acrossed such people. 

And, I ask once a man what you get? 

He said satisfaction, ‘Mehnat Ki kamai which is never been wasted’ and i am happy. 

I ask him : you have to struggle a lot? Don’t you find people doing corrupt things are more happy. 

He said –  Yes, they live a luxurious life, but what’s happening exactly they know not I. 

I said : Don’t You Think God Favours them? Because, I heard people saying ‘Imaandari ka raasta is so tough’ 

He said : Yes, but I enjoy, at last I will be satisfied more and happy with my life then those people. 

OK, so I just wanna say. 

I heard it somewhere :

‘Paise Ki importance utni hi hai, Jitni Gaddi mae Petrol Ki Hoti Hai, Naa Usse Kum Naa Usse Jyada’ 

And in my Opinion : Award must be given to those who are loyal, Beccause they exist, in such a corrupt environment. 

But what happens? You exactly  know. 




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  1. So true Diksha! It’s rather strange that imaandar people do have a tough life but they are still satisfied humans. Despite all this, corruption still exists and is considered “Sab karte hain, hum kyun nahi karein?” The attitude is that of everyone does it, it’s not bad!


    1. Bad remains bad, Good remains good, Corruption is the main cause of India being still a developing country, No one try to start and stop the one’s who do such evil things to society. But I m totally against it, I will Do my best 💝👍

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  2. Nor do I support corruption. It’s really great to know that people like you exist in our country. I’m proud to have connected with a strong person like you.


    1. Overwhelmed, thank you so much, and so am I feel great ful to connect with a person like you who like me feels many things has to be changed, because it’s about not only reading this but following and understanding too. 😀👍

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      1. It’s my pleasure Diksha!😊


  3. Andy Oldham says:

    Thank you for finding and following my blog. Many blessings!

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    1. Your welcome, do visit My blog too☺


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