Let’s Talk About Discrimination.||Beingshe❤

Hey everyone, hope you all are good and doing good, and that too with everyone💝

Taking You to reality today, which is followed by everyone. 

(except the one’s who  are real human in this not so real world).

(it might get long, but do read it once) 

  • Discrimination? 

Caste / color / religion/ Gender 

You do follow it naa? 

(खुद के दिल से पूछो।) 

Well today nothing is okay in our society.

Because of these discrimination sort-of things. 

But still you do it proudly,as if you are God. 

And you tag black/dull colour as evil one, lower caste as devil one, and Other religion as animals ( Well animal because you treat animal that way too, *anyway love animals*❤) 

Can I ask why? 

Does God told you that ‘ see man I am sending you with black / lower caste and other religion human’ s, you are special they are useless, do remember this and make them feel worse.’ 😑

Well I don’t think so, talking about everyone, we all are beautiful creature in this beautiful world made by God.💝

And You know talking about Colors black, brown, white, aren’t they beautiful? 

When you go choosing a dress /heels/shoes /etc why you go with black then, when you have problem with black people?Around You. 

Then You will say, That’s another thing. 

But I wanna say, that’s the thing which has to be changed👍

I heard people saying black is a colour man, actually defining me bold, real, confident. 


If It’s true then a human with black or dull complexion how can he /she be bad looking and why they are not treated equally? 

  • Achievements has no color. 
  • Struggle has no color. 
  • Failure has no color. 
  • Success has no color. 

Franky speaking Friends, I own a color between brown and White, I never faced any such discrimination like this, but I have seen many. 

I wanna say if you are black/dull, Be confident with What you have (Bas Thoda melanin Jyada ho gya, ye toh socho you got more, because I always ask for more pizza and I never get more of it😂) 

 The people  Discriminating, Must have a Heart Made of Stone and Must be blind irrespective of Having those two beautiful eyes. 😠

Caste? Does God made caste? 


You made. Yes you. 

Frankly speaking, caste was made and people got divided. 

Discrimination on that basis was worst during those days, Lower caste people life was not less then an animal suffering on road for shelter /food etc.

You don’t know the Pain, until n unless you suffer that.

(I didn’t suffered, but I can feel the pain because I am a human being) 

Reservation was boon for them gifted by Baba bheem Rao ambedkar. (A Great man, most educated, and a true human) 

Today you talk about reservation and laugh and even insult lower caste people for gaining that. Why? 

Are you afraid? Or you can’t digest that how such humans are living peacefully? 


If you never understand, then I am sorry, you don’t deserve to be a human being… 

See man. 

It’s as simple as that, you made caste and started discrimination, now instead of removing caste discrimination , you want to remove reservation. 


Basically you have problem with lower caste people. H naa?

Then stop talking about bringing equality.

You are expecting from a lower caste person to actually compete with you with same level. 

Then why you made caste, why you made them suffer earlier, why didn’t they were allowed for education, and everything that you got? Why? 

Can you answer? 

  • If yes then (Do Drop your comment in box below) 
  • If no then, You might have understood what I am trying to say. 

Now you are talking about levels? 

Saying that scenario has changed now lower caste people are getting a good position in society. 

Okay that’s true. 

But how? It’s because of only one thing that’s reservation. Nor you would have made them suffered more. 

You want reservation to end okay, I also want that, but Yes Let’s attack on root of reservation, that’s caste. Remove caste based discrimination, reservation will ultimately vanished. 

And Talent has no reservation. 

You talk like That every general candidate is a engineer or a doctor they never failed.? 

It’s about Everyone. 

Don’t judge Anyone, Everyone emerges as a winner one day, Everyone is hero of their own life. 

Well you are still with 50-60% what if lower caste starts demanding more % of reservation, Government is always with weaker section coz they have to rule. So what will happen, think, think once? 

(Ise lie Kisi bhi cheez ko Jadd se htao) 

And if you Are like No, How can I mix up with these lower caste people, then they are sorry because If you are calling him ‘neech jaat’  ‘tab toh Reservation unka haq hai’. 

This was totally my view, I just want this world to be a better place to live, so that we all cherish life together💝👍

*(Well, I know there are many such who want to bring equality rather then focusing on removing reservation. I am with you all.)* 

Seriously I don’t know when it started, how it started, why it started? 

I know what I see, I know what my Parents Told me. 

Talking about religion discrimination now, 

I don’t know why people do such stupid sort of things, They have divided religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Proudly say That Their God is actually real and Best. 

For me There is only one GOD, Who has Four Faces, So how can you Compete on that basis,  like (Mera Bhagwan Sahi hai, Khi Mera Allah Sahi hai, Jesus was Real, Waahe Guru Hi Sab Kuch hai.)

What to say on such things. 

  • I have never Done this (Jaha Jati hun chahe mandir ho, masjid ho, Church ho ya Gurudwara Har jagah sir jhuka leti hun)

*Tum toh unke saamne sir uncha Kar ke insaano ke saath glat krte*

Galat Kaun? Tum ya Mae? 

Actually, Sab ko sabse dikkt hai. 

We have come so far that, I don’t know where it will end, And People won’t change Until n unless Their heart and mind changes, Change is necessary, Don’t think about others, start with You. 

If you talk about equality and respect for women’s today(well only talk) Start respecting Everyone irrespective of caste, color, religions, and Gender. 

You know one thing, lack of unity, lack of Connections, Are responsible for Crimes in INDIA, You don’t go to help anyone Because till date, You Are only busy in Your religion, your color, your gender, your caste, and actually it’s all about you Because You won’t help even those who are of your caste, your color, your religion, your Gender. 

People You all were selfish and now are becoming more selfish. 

I just want you to think once, Changes might happen if we come together, We will surely rock and Make our life worth living. 

Well our generation today Follows one more discrimination, brand new discrimination, will share it in next post Along with Racism in Africa and other countries. 
I took it so long,  anyway thanks for reading, and stay strong, healthy and keep shining. 

I love you all💝😘



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