~Dusro ko itta bhi pyaar mat kro

         ki khud ko pyaar krna bhul jao

    💟This Valentine I am also in Love💟

            I am in love with The Sun🌞

                           The moon🌛

              The Day And The Night 🌃

     And most importantly Myself🙌

 Start Loving Yourself. 

Love your Outer Beauty, Inner beauty Because everything About You is so Beautiful💋

Start Enjoying your Own Company.😍

Happy Valentines Day💋

P.S : I am so much in love with me, I pamper myself a lot.
I Love ME🙌

  • Still, like every girl I too dream of A Guy, Prince Charming, Coming on white horse,Proposing me, Arranging a grand date for me, Respecting me, my parents, standing with me and For me,
  • lets see what happens, But I wish that every Girl gets the right guy who make their life shine, and more beautiful. 



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  1. Great and such a beautiful post on Loving Yourself.


    1. Thank you, Happy Valentines day😊

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      1. Welcome Diksha and Happy Valentines day to you too. Stay blessed.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Everytime I read your post I notice how different you are, you never fail to acknowledge yourself, I see a person in you who just loves to enjoy everything that life has to offer. You just live up to the title of your blog.
    Coming to those dreams you’ve mentioned here, it’s something everyone dreams of. No matter how the better-halves come there is just one word that makes all the difference….Love!
    Wish you a very happy Valentine’s day Diksha!

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    1. Well, You got me right. And thank you so much yaar, it means a lot, and yes love and being loved are great things happening to lucky one’s. 😊💟

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