My Thought

#6 || BeingShe

According to me, 

Government and Politician Shows what’s Getting Good Not what’s Getting Worst.😯🙅


Elections are Going On And Each representative Today are like I did this,I did that,and Blah..They ask For votes, Saying i will do best , but what they do is exactly Opposite .


Talking about me , i dont support any political party except Modi Ji as a person, 

I dont know what he is actually A Boon For India Or A Bomb

But For Me I Think He is doing Good and a Good Heart He has👌


India can be a developed country only if People with Good Heart Runs the Nation,With Purely For Nation Not for Filling their Pockets🙅

(5 saal hum jeb bharte hai , 5 saal tum)😒

I am not blaming anyone but today all these parties instead of Making Fun of each other if Works Together , India would be On Top💟👌


Well Vote For the one whom you find actually right but nothing will change “Kuch naa hone wala in sab se”😑



11 thoughts on “#6 || BeingShe”

      1. But it’s our fault !
        Normally brilliant and sincere student choose the carrier in medical , accounting , engineering
        And some of them move to abroad then how can we say all politicians are same while we don’t want to involve in politics even in my college classmate don’t want to talk about it 😁

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