Do You Use Snapchat?||BeingShe


Now lets talk about snapchat:)

Well I am addicted to this app ,i started it few months back, and i loved it so much(Well Picture says it all)😜


My Point is : We are becoming Animal Nowadays Because of Snapchat.

Well animals are so lovely Creature of this world more then Human being.


For example:

If a human does anything wrong,People always say “Are Janwar hai kya”.

Well Why? 

Because today for everyone Animal is Same like that women in society who is being tortured but Doesnt utter a single word,she is in pain but she cant speak to anyone.

Animal’s are so lovely ,Perfect ,infact Definition Of Perfection, they cant speak but make everyone understand what they need, wht they want.

You Wanna be inspired by someone?

Okay Then Get inspired by Animals First , They live a life full of struggle. 

Have you ever seen any animal Giving up?

No.Never 😸

Well the Point is ,You love those Filters of Animals on Snapchat but not animal’s why?

You try those filters becoming Dog,Cat etc etc. But have You Never Treat a animal as a human being why?

Okay. Now go and have a Pet , And love them, 

Ummmm… I am Going to have two tortoise and a white mice.(will share pic soon).

With Love : beingshe💓💋

If you wanna connect on snapchat , Drop your Snapchat id in the comment box below 🙂


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