The Versatile Blogger Award

Well a Big Thank You Goes to DaRshu 


For this nomination 🙂

(He writes so well ,do check his blog once)

But I need to tell This is my First award as a blogger in WordPress Family💓

And Versatile (I Think I am) , I deserve Everything in my life, when i am best at everything☺

A big Thank You For Nomination:)

So, You have To follow these Rules :-

👉 You have to Thank the Person who Nominated you for this Award… :mrgreen:😁

👉Nominate atleast “15 Bloggers” of your Choice.

👉Informing them about their Nomination… 🙂

👉 Sharing 7 Facts about Yourself… 👌

Now lemme share those 7 facts about myself :-

🔹I am Diksha (Can call dikki too) , Pursuing my Graduation in Social Work and Disaster Management 💪

🔹I am Very ambitious and hardworking And Passionate about my DREAMS💓

🔹I love Photography , i shoot For satisfying My Skill in photography ,I flaunt my talent but never my dslr👻

🔹People cant tolerate me , i speak so much and never let others speak.😛

🔹I can Dance, I sing Too, And i Have learn karate,wanna go for martial art training💪

🔹I want to bring change in this world so badly , system has to change, people has to change.(People laugh and say “yaha jo sochte h kuch krne ko wo bhi corrupt bnn jate h” ,but no i am serious)

🔹I am so much in love with fashion,I am good at shopping but not makeup ,But i learn alot from fashion bloggers (I follow Kritika Khurana(thatbohogirl)

Now is the Time for the Nominations…


-Confused Thoughts

2. – TheJothishjosephBlog

3. -Boundless Blessings by Kamal

4. -My Pain My Property





7. (My Favourite)


9. dikshasinhmar

10. Aks Thariani – The Poetic Syndrome

11.Shivangi – Stories By Shivangi



Well these are personally my fav. , I love reading all blogs , I couldn’t nominate all 😦 But no one can judge anyone , because everyone is so Perfect in this not so perfect world ☺


With Love : BeingShe



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