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It’s just about Few one’s ||BeingShe

She is Muskaan, Doll she is and close to me💝

Well today the situations be like that , If You Do Something Good According to Your Perspective, Frankly Speaking,


 50% Will Make Fun Of You ,


20% People be like, ‘Who cares about all this(Hmara bhala ho bas)’ And These 20% should be included in those 50%, But Actually They Dont show what they actually are, as 50% Say and Show (Well living in a Democratic Country allowed them To “Right To Speak” .


Remaining 30% Are like yes, If he/She Can Think For a change then why not we? and they are *in*for a good cause💝(They are my favourite’s because ‘Unhe na khud ki pdi aur naa toh kya society sochegi uski pdi hai’)👌

Well When i will be up for a good cause, I want those 30% always besides me💝

(Drop a comment below,If you are in those 30% one’s)



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