#1YearOfAnshumaan ||BeingShe

Well, In this not so perfect Life,God always surprise us with perfect People around,It can be anyone.(You can too tell who is perfect in your life,In comment below)💝.

For me, Its none other then my Baccha *Anshumaan chaudhary* Being his *Buaa* Always makes me so happiest in this world:)💟.
I never ever loved a child previously but he made me fall in love with children’s💝

Well he is at his Nani home Today,But Still Atleast his first birthday would be celebrated there,Because I lost one of my bhabhi one week before due to kidney damage,May Her Soul Rest in peace,So how could we celebrate.

Everything happens for a reason ,its good that he is at that place today.💜

Wishing you a very happy birthday and Lots of love , Successful days ahead💝

Your Buaa loves You.😇
And lucky to have you in my life💓



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