Shaadi – :/

When the age of a Girl Strike 22/23/24 and so on, The First Question Which Strikes people’s mind is 

To  Girl👇

“Beta Shaadi ka kya khayaal hai” 

To Parents👇

“Bitiya ki shaadi ki age ho gae hai, ab nhi toh kb sochenge”

And i think : “Meri Chinta inhe mere parents se bhi jyada hai” *Strange*😑

Well, I personally think or i can say when people ask me to get marry/When to marry???

Well, I have no Plans but i have something to say 👇

First thing, I Have to Do the best in my life, and achieve everything i wish for,

And When I will achieve everything, And Be successful then, I wont allow my parents to give dowry to the person i marry or to the family.

And then if that person dont want to marry me, its okay,Then Tata babye!

(Firstly my dad made me study and perfect and now he has to give money for my more perfect life with my Husband/Family,Strange In that case i would prefer life with my perfect DAD only.)

Secondly, If I wont succeed Then I won’t marry anyone.

Because, I am not here to satisfy someone’s lust for money.

I am not here to detoriate my Father’s ‘Immandari ki kamai’ .

And Even i Wont take ‘What my Father’s give ‘Pyaar se’se’

 Generally, People tag dowry as ‘Are Bitiya ke Pita ne pyaar se diya h’😝

This is what i think.

No offence.🙊✌



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  1. Great post DIKSHA.
    Totally agreed with you.
    How lucky your parents to have a strong daughter.
    God bless you diskha.
    Have a blessed life ahead.
    And be strong like this and make other girls also strong like u.
    Great post.
    Keep smiling always and stay blessed.
    Keep Blogging

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    1. Thank You💝 So much.

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  2. Great 👍 words Diksha and beautifully written. Keep smiling and be happy. 👌👌👌👌👌

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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  3. Rohit Nag says:

    Nice topic Diksha and yes very well written and expressed 🙂

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  4. Agreed 👍👍
    Ya tu hamra a riwaj ban gaya hai log ya kah la laleta hai baap na pyar SA dia hai ..Or u know ab ajkal ki larkiia bhi isi trend ki addi hugye hai vo kud is trah ki shopping ma participate karte a..

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    1. Haan Even Girls are doing this, and this is accrding to me very bad :/

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      1. Yeah it is ..😒

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      2. Well but We can spread positive vibes.💜

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      3. Yesss … And you are spearding..❤❤

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      4. Thank you so much and you also seems to be so positive💝

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  5. While I do not know some of the language you have typed, I agree that you are a very bright, positive young lady and THAT is plenty enough of a gift to any young man that catches your eye later in life. I am glad your parents have raised you to be such a strong young lady with focus on your studies as a good education will carry you far in life. Keep on being you!! Lovely post!

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    1. Overwhelmed! by far this is the best cmpliment i Got. Thank Yo So Much😇

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  6. Very True!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience my magic of letters!!!

    Hope you will like it:)

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    1. Yea fr sure, bydway thank you.😀

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  7. I only felt my daughter is speaking out.
    And It is a fact my daughter speaks so.😃

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  8. Abhay says:

    Better marry a guy who starves for u just to love u , the who is really successful! That is what I tell to my girl as well 💖 btw Glad to see these type of thought even in this cruel world!

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    1. And glad to see such sweet guy’s in this cruel world 😉


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