No Comparison<3 

Frustrated India ki beti/beta:-

I am Just Me.

I Cant be Unki beti/Unka Beta/Padosi ka baccha/ Ya Chachi ka baccha/ buaa ka bacha / Tau ji ka Bachha’s.

Lemme Do My Things, My way.

I might become an inspiration For all those Baccha’s to whom you are comparing me today.✌💝

Dont Compare Your Child With Anyone,Even I go through this alot,I am not blaming My parents neither Your, Its Society Which makes Views Regarding what we do, and Obviously, Parents wants best For you, But its not good, Comparing Your Child With anyone, Even Parents are wrong here.

Everyone is special Here, Not talking about Only an IAS / DOCTOR / ENGINEER / IPS , Also about a DANCER / MUSICIAN / WRITER / SINGER / ACTOR / PAINTER / ARTIST etc…



8 Comments Add yours

  1. 👍👍👍👍❤ yess I want to be myself not bhai ki bhen or baap ki beti etc

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    1. Baap ki beti defines us💝 And other things start dominating us.😀

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  2. Divyang Shah says:

    Life would be much better… 🙂

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  3. Awesome Post.
    DIKSHA you are doing great.
    Keep Blogging.
    I want to be myself my own identity

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