All About Equality<3

Hii Everyone!

Hope You all Are Good And Doing Good.

So, I am Here Today , To shout and Say That I am Not A Feminist.

Stop Calling me That :/

Yesterday a good friend of Mine, Said ‘Tu Puri Feminist Ho Gae Hai’ :/

Well Frankly speaking If You Read My Blogs Till Date, Then You Will Find Stuffs, Everything Related To Everytopic,Not Only Women’s.

 And Yes I would Like to Clear One More Thing, My Blog ‘BEINGSHEBLOG’ Is Not about Just Women’s Its About ‘Me’/’My Thoughts’ /’My Experiences’/ ‘Everything Whats Goes Inside Me and My Mind’ 

|’Women On Top’ Says : 

Being a human We all want to be on Top, So i am a ‘Women’ and I too wanna be on Top<3.|

I am not a ‘Feminist’ but I always think regrading equality in respect to women’s, because People Think that women’s are weak, but its not so, We Women’s don’t demand for something more then anyone else in society, We Just Want Equality 🙂 

There’s a Double Face of Everything 

FIRST thing, Today we are getting a proper law based society for women’s to a extent ,For Their ‘Right place’.It is being misused by the one’s who are not even deprived of anything, and the one who actually need Doesn’t get anything.

Our Society, Today Is Like,

  • Dowry is crime, But one who is actually going through this, Is still suffering, and some women’s somewhere make a false accusation on their in laws(This is so wrong, I came through many news regarding this, This makes me think, Should i be a feminist? For Such women’s? And Then i think what about other’s who actually face this? If someone didnt stood up for them,what will happen to them then?)

  • Then Comes ‘Rape’, This is the worst thing happening in this world, but lets talk, Nowadays, some women’s even play with this too (ridiculous) They use this as a weapon for taking revenge/money from Men’s,What to say further,They dont even think that they play with those women’s who actually Suffered :/Well Should i be feminist? If yes,then what if,i stood for a wrong women, If No, Then, What if, A Women who suffered Left Without justice?
  • Women’s nowadays have started Separating their husband from their Parents. So should i be a feminist for such women’s? What about men’s in this case? (Well,recent law by government stating that if a women separates a son from his parent’s, Then that will be a crime, I founded it so cool! 🙂 )

Well Women’s are not always the Victim,Its about everyone, Who is suffering must be Free from his/her Pain, Which can happen through Equality💜

So, i dont wanna be ‘Feminist’ I am a ‘Human’ And I Want Equality For each one of Us.💝

Well, Its A Women or a men, all should be treated equal, Because

“If Women’s are Architecture of our Society then a Men Is the society Itself”



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  1. Great and inspiring words Diksha.

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  2. Disksha you are wise beyond your years – well said! I like reading you views always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and i like reading your motivating comments😍😀

      Liked by 1 person

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