Girls! Lets Laugh Loud

I remember a incident Of Few years back, 

And I wanna share It With You All ❤

I have a habit of laughing so much :P.

So Once I was Out With My Family, whole Family, and someone cracked a joke and I laughed so badly, Then Some one there said that ,


“लड्की हो लड्की  के जैसे हॅसो बाहर लोग देखें गे तो कया कहेगें, दांत निकाल के हॅसना जरूरी हे हर जगह।”

Now,What You must be expecting,I did, after she said this?

I laughed more badly and I run From there.

Well, I can’t even smile without showing my teeth,How could I stop laughing without that?

And I look so bad “जब में खुल के नही हॅसती”.

Message is : Don’t do what others want you to do, Do what You love.

And Real is much more beautiful then Fake 🙂

And being Girl, I don’t think its my responsibility to be fake all the time (only because , people around me wanna see me doing Fake things)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Can you translate what was said in English pretty please 🙂

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    1. Yea For sure,
      She said that Don’t laugh, showing your teeth’s, it doesn’t suit Girls, And What will people say, haven’t anyone taught her how Girls Live :/

      Hope You Got It now? 😀

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      1. Oh my goodness! Yes smile with your teeth!!! It’s joyful!!!!

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