Her First Breathe Was So Pure,As Pure as God’s Soul.

All Answer to question ‘Where God resides?’ Would Have been answered seeing in Her Eyes,

But You Choose To Close Her Eyes.

Someone Somewhere, Goes Deep in Her Eyes,

And Found Its the place where Humanity resides.

A Real Man Was Born That Day,Who cares that anyway.

She was choosed Over People Around, And That what made her Different From Crowd.

A bond Broke all The Prejudice,
the Only bond you All Have Buried.

Who cares about the world,

When Happiness is Priority,

They Made You Aware About Reality.

Story with two heroes Just Has Started.

It didn’t belonged to you and me, Just the Two,
One was a proud father and second a proud Daughter.


| Okay, Then This is For all The Girl child and her hero, no one other then, His Daddy <3.

And Yes If This Poem Relates You, Then Share, Like, Do comment.



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