People in INDIA, Are INDIANS only On 26 January and 15 th Of August, Rest maximum Days, 

They are Brahmins / Rajput / Lala/ Kshatriya / Sc / St .

Muslim / Christian / Hindu / Punjabi 

Poor / Middle Class / Rich


Doctor / IAS / IPS / ENGINEER (This because these professions are much respectful, and I don’t deny this , But Discrimination is on the ground of Success and Failure too, If A person is Doctor, he/she is respected, why not a Person selling Flowers on road ? )

INDIA : Symbol Of Love / care / Respect.

But Its not happening here, Its Just The Opposite.
If You Are a True INDIAN ❤ 

Then Replace evilness with Goodness, Hatred with love and You with a Human 😉

Proudly Comment below if you are a true INDIAN 🙂


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  1. I liked what you have to say – though I’m not an Indian/from India I do think all people deserve an equal amount of dignity and respect – well said!👍

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    1. Yea. You Got it right And if People understand this Then this world would be more beautiful ❤

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  2. Shivee❤ says:

    Being INDIAN is world’s best feeling!👏


  3. gadgetssai says:

    Proud to be an indian…
    Check this slogans to know about india…

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