A Letter to Mom <3

Dear Mom,
Firstly, I love you so much, You are Inspiration mom, I used to Love Dad the most, ignoring everyone around, but soon I realised, after Daddy’s, the most precious gift one get from God is Mom to everyone,Well I love You Both ❤

I realised it, at a point in my life when I was in wrong direction, and my problems and mistakes were so terrible that, if I would have shared it with Daddy, He would have hated me and killed me, but You helped me out with my all problems, and gave me lessons of life,
which at that particular time was needed.

I am sorry mumma, if I have hurt you ever.

We fight alot but at the end of day, we can’t eat, sleep and gossip without each other. 

I know mumma, You suffered a lot, You always do best to everyone, but you never get back something good, but I promise you I will soon make everything Good For You, and I won’t spare if someone’s Hurt you.

I promise, I will always be with you, and make you proud.

The thing which I want to Get inherited from you to me is your helping nature and simplicity, I am trying my best to be up to that.

And mumma I know that I have some bad habits but please don’t think that your ‘sanskaars’ are failing because, what you teach me is always in my heart and mind, sometimes I make mistake but will never disappoint you.

Happy mother’s day mommy, you are love ❤
With Love : Diksha

( I am so late, actually I was busy in making this day more special for mumma, surprises and Gifts, I have gifted a Gionee Phone to her, she is also 4G now, she loves playing games and scrolling down Facebook news feed 😛 )

Well, Happy mother’s Day to every Mumma’s, all are special ❤



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  1. What a lovely and beautiful tribute to your Mom 🙂 – you’re a good daughter 🙂

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    1. Ohhh woww 😀 Thank you!

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  2. By the way which game??😋😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Candy crush | Subway | candy crush jelly | soda | Temple run. All these and even more.

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