Birthday Month! <3 #24may

Birthday’s are special, isn’t it?


We Feel like, we are born once again, with a Fresh and new life, and a New Positivity Enters Life.


I personally Feel Like, all pain, all mistakes, just vanished

I was thinking to do something different,this birthday,because i am bored of those same birthday stuffs,cakes,party and meeting People.


I asked for suggestions, on Instagram(beingsheblog) ,Twitter(beingshe_dikki) and Facebook, and i got many, i ll try picking up all those good one’s and will hope for satisfaction this birthday👻If You have any,do comment below☺





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  1. What’s an adventure or experience maybe on your bucket list – make it happen and do it or you know how sometimes you have these weird, random thoughts you tend to keep to yourself?? I’ll tell you an example of what I mean…my daughter and I visited New York CIty for her 30th and my 50th bday…I have NO reason of why… but for some reason I wanted to kiss a NYC police office in Times Square…why? no clue? but that is exactly what I did! 🙂 Random and fun as my daughter clicked a pix 🙂 – memories are so much better than gifts 🙂

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    1. Actuaalllyy. This is the best suggestion i got❤ I ll share what i didl☺

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      1. Yea! I can’t wait to hear what you do!!!

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      2. Sir. You have to wait till 24

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  2. Sumit says:

    A very Haappy Birthday miss Diksha ☺☺😊

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      1. Sumit says:

        My Pleasure ☺☺😊

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