Fear of Rape when i wish to go for a drive in night.
Fear of getting married to a Guy, what if ? It would be the biggest mistake of my life.
Fear of Going Out with a guy, what if ?My Uncle/aunty/neighbours saw me with those two taunting eyes.
Fear of Failure tremours my mind, what if people takes away all my rights.
Fear of Getting Fat, makes me deprived of Delicious food, what if a boy rejects me, and what will my family do?
Fear of Dressing my style, because those devil eyes buries me inside.
Fear of posting a photo on social sites, what if someone took advantage and make hell in my life.
Fear of loving a Guy, what if he brokes my heart and keep it aside.
Fear of rejecting a boy’s proposal, what if he throw acid and makes me look horrible.
Fear of raising my voice, makes me think thrice ,what if i speak wrong, will society accept me twice?
Fear of going out in crowd, those hands trying touching me, kills me inside.
Fear of taking a Auto / bus, what if i dont reach my home first.
Fear of Laughing around people, what if they make my tongue taste bitter.

These Fears Kill me inside, what can i do, these are reality of women’s life.


Well, I wrote this, each line is self made, and its not that, whole poem relates a single women, but each line can relate to a particular women.

I know each women in society has fear of something might be among these few or something new :/

Second important thing is scenario hasn’t change, its just that, what’s improving is in front of us, and thing which is getting worst is hidden i.e each women must have atleast one fear among all these, and you cant deny that🙊

I cant say overcome your fear, because i dont know what’s happening to this world, but one thing i can say, be stronger and be ready to face all your fears.💋❤




4 thoughts on “FEAR OF BEING WOMEN.”

  1. Well written 👌👌👌…..every girl can relate to this poem….each and every line of this poem very well defined our fear of being she 😓….sometime we want something new , something different bt quite coz of so called Society and this bullshit society is our biggest fear 😈😈….this is my first comment on your post darling bt ur writing skill is so good so we can totally relate it to each and every post which is written by u and its really inspiring and motivating 😊😊..lv u baby😘😘

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