She was born, She was raised.
She was praised.

Everyone loved her. Everyone adore her liitle talents.

What you want to become? a Doctor she said and everyone admired her for thinking something great in Such a small age.

She realised, everyone is happy, and what it cost, I just have to play with these toys afterall.

She joined a school,
She cried when her father left her to school, it seem like now everything is screwed.

Getting good scores was fed in her mind, and she was compared to every child.

She was happy but unaware about a fact that she is leaving her half childhood back. Will she be able to rewind and experience it once again, she wasn’t mature to understand.

She grew up, with competition in mind,so she started focussing on how to be on top leaving everyone aside.
What’s competition she didn’t knew, but what’s happiness on parents face she begin to understood.

She was happy with those compliments and happiness on others face, and she realised competition is master stroke in any case.

She left school and city, a new place welcomed her, with new people around.
She was unaware about the next phase of life, but little she understand, what’s going in her life?

A new school was waiting for her, she topped the exam and was made jumped to next level.

No one became her friend on the first day,but little she care about that anyway.

She focuses on being herself,that made people attracted toward her like a magnet.

She was pampered as a princess, but she didn’t knew everything with time changes.
Adolescence strikes, she choosed wrong path, with wrong people around, but that made her understood, what’s wrong and right.

After all, all are needed in life.

Those People who once were proud judged her over her mistakes, they ditched her in her way.
She shifted her passion to something else, which people never understand.

That was the time, she felt, its all about me and my life, why should I allow them to exploit.

She was enough mature now,to understand what’s going around.

And that’s not the end, life for her just has begin.



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