Its raining.

​Its raining outside, making way out of

the door, On road, for a change,

Letting those raindrops falling on me.

Feels like I am free from my broken days.

And I feel dancing like, no one watching.

Going too far is like high expectations,

I clear my eyes, coming in reality, and i saw people’s mentality.

I saw those eyes are getting inside my wet clothes as if I am here to expose.

I felt covering myself with wet soil,

I felt running and hide inside,through the same door, which let me came outside.

Then I realise, If running away is only a option,Then I must take an action.

What happened next is an imagination,

I took those eyes along with me inside,

remember only eyes.

P.S – An imagination, which will surely become a reality, if you didn’t stopped your eyes entering a women’s dress.

Mind it.


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