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“Much needed was PEACE,

Everything turned into disaster.

Before I understand what’s PEACE,

Life hit harder and made me realised what’s Disaster.”

I still remember my childhood, it was so PEACEFUL and its not a thing to forget, but it begin to lost somewhere in growing up.
with time, everything faded,

Everything means everything, you know what, what’s still remains is HOPE,
Hoping for a better future, which is not under my control.

Hoping for a better life, which only God knows, ( You want me to make it better, well I tried and still trying).

Hoping for better people around, who understands me.

Hoping for all Dreams to come true.

Hoping for SUCCESS.

Its 3.20 A.M, when I am writing this, you can imagine, how hard life is, it awakes me even in between of sleep just to make me realise, YES YOU ARE LOST AND EVERYTHING IS LOST.

Just then I realise.

I am enough strong and LIFE has made me enough stronger, that I know , I need to survive, through all this at any cost.

I don’t wanna fail at LIFE at least.

Well, it happens with each one of us, what we think , we never become, as if life is enemy. People say that you get what your fate decides, should I sit and wait.?

Whenever I feel disappointed or a looser sort of feel, I just come across one line by these stupid humans, “Everything happens for a REASON”, wait for it you will get much more better things than you want,

I am like ohh really man,

LIFE should understand what I want, what’s my wish.

After all its my LIFE.

Why should I wait for something better, when I am thinking for better things in life, if i am satisfied and happy with my things my wants, then why LIFE wants to give me more better things?

But no, stupid of me questioning LIFE,

will it speak?

No never it won’t speak, it just gives SHOCK.

I tell you about myself, I always had dream of a simple beautiful life, exploring nature it’s beauty, being FULL OF LIFE.

but opposite happened, everything got complicated, and I was left DULL.
In between all this, I found that I AM LOST, in tragedy’s of LIFE.

Then i realised,

I should not loose HOPE, by the time I am breathing, I am gonna work on it, I know thing are lost, I am lost, but then you cant just sit and wait for miracle to happen, Go find a new you and start fresh.

Talking about me, I need a new ME, desperately.

Talking about you, What if you are LOST,

are you seating and waiting for a MIRACLE?

I don’t think after reading this you will still be on that chair,


Find a new YOU.

I am telling, you will love it.


Till then smile, and make others smile too.


With love : beingsheblog

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  1. I read somewhere that the thought of sitting and waiting of external power to come and give you success is worst thought you ever thought and this is right never lose hope whether you are on choas of disaster just think that you are breathing and you have power to get new yourself this what all you need .. Loved your blog..❤👌

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  2. Faryal said the words I was thinking 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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