I am telling you in my school days,

I was not part of something like this, but I use to see such things happening around and would think,

In a world of billions am I only uncool and weird?

that no one wants to be beside me except few.

Now I understood after many years that, I am weird but pretty and so are you, if you are reading this and you are insecure about not getting attention because you think you are not enough pretty and cool,

Dude, you are different, and yes you are pretty, just believe in Yourself.

Its a trend of choosing cool people around us.

Seriously does it matter?

Everyone is different.

And yes if you are surrounded by variety of people than it can give more flavour to life, instead of a cool life, you will have a mixture of many things, to adore.
So the choice is yours.


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  1. So well written, Diksha and the quote was so encouraging and inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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