Hey all,


Today WordPress sended a message of my blog turning 1, its almost one year. I can’t believe this because *owning a blog was one of my dream, which I never thought of getting fulfilled, ‘yay I did it’.*

I registered today, one year back, but i still remember i started it after two months, and it was because I use to think that, I am not that good and what if people don’t like my writings and all stuffs, and this took me over two months, and then I started it and I was surprised with so much love and attention.

I just wanna say one thing, writing makes my Heart feel burden free and I will love to do anything to keep my Heart healthy, because all I need are those 72 beats per minute, and it makes me happy at the end of the day.

I wanna say onething more, I just love your comments over my posts it inspires me alot to write and even your emails makes me smile.

And a piece of advice for you all (Hope you all would be with me here, I would have offered a piece of cake😻), and the advice is – Do what makes you happy because it’s your LIFE , and don’t kill what your Hearts want because you will be left with regrets in your *budhapa*.

__________————-_______. . .

Feedbacks, suggestions, compliments are welcomed right here –

Instagram : @beingsheblog (Go follow me, if you haven’t followed yet).

I love you to all my readers,you all are awesome.😻💜



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