It’s not always that broken Heart can’t be heal, a better ending this time for each guy who have gone through this. Might be you get inspire❤😻 . .

I saw her, I felt some connection, Dont know was it love or attraction?

I used to stare her everytime, and think one day she will be mine.

Oneday, She came and ask why you stare me alot? I said, you are pretty, my eyes find peace on your lovely face. She found it sweet, and said, We can be friend’s but remember ‘Just Friends’.


We started talking, spending time together, i never showed again my feelings to her, because it was just a friendship to her.

Suddenly one day, she said i like you too, and we should now be one instead of two.

How could i say no, To such words which my ears wanted to hear from so long.

Everything was like a romantic movie, Two year, a journey from friendship to love was going pretty well . We shared our happiness our pain, and everything went so well.

I married her in my dream, and promised myself to make her mine, with proper rituals in time.


Suddenly, she began to change, and i was so fool to understand. Girls are most mysterious gift to this world, Beacuse you cant read her mind either her soul.

And so was me, Trying reading her mind. What changed her, decision to be mine.

But Suddenly, One day she left me, Saying ‘it wasnt love it was just an attraction, i found love in someone’s else heart, that i couldn’t find in yours. It was so easy for her. to leave me, saying she found love somewhere else, as if my Heart was a thing to play.


Is this was being true to a man or just replacement for a better person,which she didn’t found in me? or actually she didnt even tried?

All i can say, I walked with her in dark, she left me alone on our path. Our path were joined, But suddenly for her, it all became a waste of time. I was shattered because i didnt knew when ‘ours’ became ‘yours’.


All i wanna do is to accept a bitter truth, She didnt left me, she ditched me, she fooled my Heart. But it didnt stopped, Nor should i, I will try finding a new love in a better person eyes’s.


You don’t need to stop, Move on.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Cory Melancon says:

    Beautifully deep live the end there heart may infact break but in no way did it stop, such a meaningful message


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