I got a friend like you, or I got a person like me.

We may differ by face, But soul remains the same.

When I need you the most, You appear like a ghost.

When no one trust, You are always first.

What make me smile, is your existence,

What make me scream is your absence.

Your love comes in whole, Because you dont know what’s 1/4th.

I cried, when fate turned me down, You were the first to hold me up, and made me feel like a crown.

We are together, by our choice, Nor destiny would have separate us thrice.

When people made my fun, You were the one who made them run.

When no one understood my Dream, You were the one who made it live.

You did thousand of things for me, and never expected a single at least.

I owe you this life, Coz you coloured those empty space and made my life.

A beautiful picture with a green landscape.

This is FRIEND.


Happy Fiendship Day to all.



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