In a world of chaos

over men’s nature,

We girls found few treasures,

Who actually cares,

who actually loves,

who actually respect.

and these are none other than your BROTHERS.




Happy Rakshabandhan to my BROTHERS and i wish you all a growing strong bond in coming years with your siblings.



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  1. @vapor_sage says:

    Dikki What a wonderful celebration, if not for you and others from India, who have followed me and I them I would have remained ignorant to such beauty.

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    1. This is raksha bandhan, it recreates the bond between a brother and a sister, and we tie rakhi on our brothet wrist, to make this bond more stronger. And thank you for your appreciation.

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      1. @vapor_sage says:

        I had to look it up 🙏🏼💐

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  2. Great words of love and compliments to brothers all over the world. Wonderful words, Diksha.


  3. What a truly beautiful post Diksha! So glad you and a few others have introduced me to this special day! 🙂

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    1. Thats a good compliment. Well i ma happy you liked it and you came across a beautiful occasion if INDIANS.

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