I never believed in love,

But when i believed, i wasn’t loved.

I still remember him, afterall,He was my first love, He made me realised, Love do exist.

But nothing is permanent, and every love story is not a fairytale, with a beautiful end, some are worst of all.

And no one knows who will fall in trap of such stories, i didnt knew, i ll be one of them, afterall, its LIFE, and Unexpected thing occurs, to make us better.

I still remember that day, When he proposed me, I just gave love a chance, and after that, life begin to change and that too in a positive direction,

We use to talk for hours, Those dates, those flowers, those surprises, made me feel like yes, love is a beautiful thing, to experience.

But at the end Its Life and even if i say life is not responsible for our Pain, But few people makes an entry to give it a horrible taste.

Suddenly positive turned negative. He started shaping me as he wants, he wanted me to look more pretty, Hot, so that he can compete in his friend’s group, and often he treated me like an object as i am with him to please his friends.

He wanted many changes in me. Is this love? I dont think so, If he would have loved me, He would have never thought to change me.

I would have even think to change him, Inspite of those flaws in him, but i loved him as a person he was. Suddenly, i realised i am with something, who needs everything in a single person, but its impossible, everyone is different, and Perfection lies in that.

I told him, if you wanna stay, stay with me, but if you wanna change me as you want, go to hell.

Hunt for someone. Who is ready to change. May be she is ready to or may be and if not.Continue your Hunt for next,

This time not me.

He didint wait for a second, He didnt even think twice. He left, May be he got a better person, He will have to put less effort in shaping her, but who cares now.

Thank you man, You helped me alot, You changed me a little, but that was positive, atleast formysake.



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  1. Abhi Raj says:

    👍 good One
    ” If he would have loved me, He would have never thought to change me.” This line is just beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True. We all want someone to accept the way we are. That is true love ♥️ sadly it is rare. 😔

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Words of reality you have so truly written, Diksha and when someone leaves, leaving behind wonderful memories they are so great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes mam you are right. and thank you for your beautiful words.


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