Why bad things happen to good people?

Your everytime favourite Question to God, isn’t it? .

If we see someone, sufferinfg around us, or our friend/ relative ,we think once, why this is happening to him/ her, they are so good.

But actually you forget one thing, that you are no one to judge someone’s goodness over the tons of good things he did for u.

So, based on superficial appearances, one might say, “Oh, he was such a nice man. Why did he have to suffer so?” But there were things that the man did that led to him being in pain, that we are unaware of.

Similarly, in our lives when we see so much injustice and evil around us, most of us wonder why God is silent. Why me! What did I do to deserve this?” And why doesn’t He do anything about it?

Most of these questions can be answered by the law of Karma.


He was good to you, doesnt mean, he never did something bad, his suffering today is something which he must have given to someone else, and he is getting back.


In general, the reaction for a good deed is material enjoyment and the reaction to a sinful activity is distress. As the karmic record, cannot be black or white but have million shades of gray, therefore everyone suffers a combination of pleasure and pain. Karma thus locks us up in a cycle of action and subsequent reaction. Some which are about and some we are not like the analogy of the movie. As long as we are in this cycle, we will experience both happiness and distress.

Even if we act in a pious way, we destine ourselves to accept another material body at death to enjoy the reactions to our materially good actions.

As long as we accept a material body we can not avoid the miseries of disease, old age, and death.


So, play safe. . .


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  1. Good one Dikki, the truth of life ! Time to transcend towards self realization shedding all forms of ignorance, on the way ! Blessed times !

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  2. Indira says:

    You get what you gave….

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  3. My gosh Diksha you are wise so far beyond your years! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you so much. Are you not on any social site ?

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      1. I have Twitter and FB but seldom get on either 🙂


  4. Absolutely

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