Seema, an independent woman, with a bunch of good people around, parents, brother, sister, who loves her, more than she loves herself.

She was gifted an independent life, 

Her choices, her dreams.

After her studies,
She was asked to marry a guy of her parent’s choice, and she was completely okay with it.

Because neither she was in love with anyone else nor she wanted to.

She married a stranger.
She married a man, they chose.

She didn’t find that stupid or wrong until something happened.

Her first night,

She was happy that,

She got a right guy.

As she heard him approaching,

Through his footsteps,

Her heart started pounding faster.

She was hopeful of starting a new life, 

with a beautiful smile on her face.

 *But the smile couldn’t last long.*

He entered the room,

He stumbled,

Sooner she realized,

He is Drunk.

Her soul shivered. 

She had always seen these things on TV. What kind of things happened with the wife, when their husbands came home drunk. She soon crossed her fingers. Wishing nothing of that kind happens.

She asked, “how often do you drink?” with three-quarters of care and one-quarter of worry.

On their first meet, she had asked him, “Do you drink?”

And the answer he gave at that time, made her so happy at that time.

“I haven’t touched alcohol my entire life” were his exact words.

And those words were still running in her ears.

While gathering all the courage she could, she asked in her sweet little voice, “How come you have changed?”

Not giving a damn about her love, he said “I lied, OKAY? *Itta chalta hai *, as if you haven’t done anything wrong in your entire life.

She said, “its not about wrong or right its all about lying to a person who is blindly trusting you and marrying you. I trusted you, things wouldn’t have changed if you would have told the truth, in fact, a truth is far better than anything else in this world.”

He said, firstly I didn’t marry you for philosophical lectures, and secondly being a girl you have to do that, or you would have married a man of your choice it was so easy.

She was shocked,

He was completely different.

Still, she made her mind, no one can be as you want them to be.

But then he did something which made her realize.

“I am trapped, with a devil who can’t even be called a Human”

(You want to know what he did?)

(The thing she always worried about, the thought on which she crossed her fingers, came out to be true.) 

 He raped her.

Seema shouted and cried,  

“I am not ready”, 

he threw her on the bed.

despite her thousands No’s, 

he got sexually engaged with her, that was not love but definitely was LUST.

he abused her.

 Just like she saw on TV shows.

You must be amazed, like how a husband can rape, after all, he is a husband, her better half for entire life.

“No, you are wrong here, a NO means a NO, to whoever a woman says.”

She didn’t expected that on very first day of her new phase of life, 

After all who expect that,

But now she was trapped.

Like a rat in a rat trap,

 and there was no escape.

( Rat trap – is society who never support, people who think that women when is married to a man become her property.)

Will she fight?

Will she take stand for herself? 

(questions in your mind).

(Let’s see what she did next)

Next day,

She talked to her best friend,

Her best friend asked her to raise her voice.

She said, whatever he did was wrong, if you try adjusting, then what if he makes your life hell later.

“It’s not that easy,

and maybe I am not strong like all to fight back.

a sorry to myself”. Seema replied.

(Can you expect this from an independent lady, who lived her life on her choices? 

Yes you can, because sometimes, things that break us, are not that easy to overcome)

(Let’s see what was going in her mind)

Yes, I was independent, I use to make choices on my own, but marrying him was also my choice, my parents didn’t force me.

What should I do?

Should I go and tell my parents,

But then they will regret,

What will they do?

Will they understand my problem?

What if they say,

How it can be a rape, you are married to that man, and it is totally okay.

What if I ask for divorce, 

Will they allow me to do this?

What if society won’t accept me then?

Should I die?


I won’t suicide,

I will wait for destiny giving me a chance for a better survival.

Till then, I am trapped, and there’s no escape.


This was Seema, a woman, who lost faith in herself,
But I don’t want any other woman to become like Seema, go fight for what’s wrong. Today it’s you, tomorrow someone else, let’s stop this, a woman NO is always a NO, whether she is a teen girl, whether a Wife, whether an office worker etc.

Seema was not weak, those disturbing thoughts made her weak, this story is not to further demotivate you, this story is to make you aware of situations, sometimes which makes us weak. 

Everyone has a story, but I don’t want you to be another Seema, I want you to rise above all your fears.
I did not end this story, intentionally,

The end is in your hands. 

You must change your thinking, you must gather that courage. And stop all such instances around you.

Imagine Seema on a chair or on a bed tying her neck to a fan or imagine her wrist cut and bedsheets soaked with her blood.

Staying quiet on such matters is just kicking that chair.

Is that how you want this story to end? Your wish.

Make a right choice, 

Remember always,

Rattrap can be opened, Seema can get a better future, but the hands to make her free can be yours too.

To all the women reading this, I am sharing a  small quote with you all which makes me feel that ‘strong is beautiful’-

“I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don’t play the victim, you don’t make yourself look pitiful, you don’t point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart. -C. JoyBell C.”

@beingsheblog | DikshaSuman


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