Book Review

Book Review | Man’s Search for Meaning

  • Book name: Man’s Search For Meaning
  • Author: Viktor E. Frankl
  • Genre: Psychology/Spirituality
  • Pages: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-84-604124-2
  • Publisher: Rider books
  • My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Like so many German and East European Jews who thought themselves secure, Frankl was cast into the Nazi network of concentration and extermination camps.

Miraculously, he survived.

But his account in this book is less about his travails, what he suffered and lost than it is about the sources of his strength to survive.

My Review-

The book says, ‘The Classic tribute to hope from Holocaust’. And Sir Frankl was a “Holocaust survivor”. In case, you don’t know what Holocaust is read here, About Holocaust.

This book has two parts:

  1. Experiences in a Concentration Camp.
  2. Logotherapy in a Nutshell

The second part is so impactful and unique that you will re-read this book. The first part mainly is the autobiographical account of Sir, Frankl and the best part is both parts mutually support their credibility.

The way he has poured all the pain in this book is not so easy and that too after experiencing it, I was literally shocked because firstly, I was unaware of the term “Holocaust”, maybe I have read before somewhere in History but I was unaware while reading and Secondly, I had never come across something like this.

He has talked about everything related to life in this book and you know what the best part is even after so much pain, I felt sad but I wasn’t demotivated, I could relate it and with each page-turning, what I found was ‘I am into the book’, suffering all this but I wasn’t tackling all the worst situation in my life as he did.

Suddenly I started understanding that what life is? what suffering is? and what surviving is? and where am I lacking?

So, in another way, I discovered the answer to three most important questions which I wanted to be answered since maturity.

I came across a new word “Logotherapy” and I loved that section so much that I will re-read this book.

In one line, I learned a lot from this book, which I can further practice to live a peaceful and beautiful life ahead. And this what makes this book worth reading.



Frankly speaking, I found this book quite boring after reading first few pages. But then I followed my law for books “Don’t judge a book by its cover and first few pages” so I continued reading and then I found so many beautiful lessons for rest of my life.

So, take your time and read slowly you will discover many new words, like “Logotherapy”, was something which was new for me and many more.

So patience and Coffee will work for this book.


We all are messed up. Day by day losing our strength and capability to cope up with the worst. We need hope to survive and this book will provide you with that.

Sir frankl has created an environment in this book, where you will feel that it belongs to you, all the pain, all the suffering and in the end how to survive?

He will give you hope, he will give you strength, he will give you a new life.

In one line, This book is good for your life.

Go for it.

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Happy reading📕

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