Book Review

Book Review | Who Moved My Cheese?

Title: Who Moved My Cheese?

Author: Dr Spencer Johnson

Genre: Self-help, Philosophy, Non-fiction, Psychology, Business, Inspirational, Leadership

Publisher: Vermilion

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My Review:

The story involves four characters who live in a maze: the mice Scurry and Sniff, and two ‘littlepeople’, Hem and Haw. All is going well because they have found a huge source of their favourite food, cheese. With time they get so much dependent on that cheese, they forget to explore more and they didn’t notice that it is getting smaller day by day, and one day they find that the cheese is gone.

This is where the story splits in two. Scurry and Sniff quickly accept the loss of the cheese and they start exploring more areas. And on the other side hem and haw start blaming each other and start digging at the same point in the maze in a hope that they find more cheese.

After few days even hem start exploring new areas and he finds a new type of cheese and he try to convince haw for moving out with him but he didn’t agree.

Hem keeps exploring and while exploring he learns many life lessons and he writes a few lessons on the wall to keep himself motivated and also to encourage haw if he ever make his mind to follow him.

You will read more about these four characters and the life lessons by hem in the book.

Why should you read this book?

This tiny book has so much to offer. I completed it in an hour and I remember while reading, I started comparing myself with these four characters and I realised that at some point of my life, I was haw and I lost many things but then with time I became Hem and now even if I have not everything I wished for, I am happy and becoming like Scurry and sniff is still like a dream come true.

In case you are stuck at some point in your life and you are waiting for a miracle to happen just because you are not able to accept the truth and move on. Buy this book, this is an eye-opener with a flavour of cheese. It will push you to accept the change and move on instead of running in the same circle again and again.

What I learned from this book?

Nothing last forever, things change and accepting it, makes our life easier. There is always something new at the end of the tunnel. We should focus on that too.

We should stop thinking too much about our cheese, it was ours for a reason and now it is not for a reason.

In short, this book will teach you how to deal with change, how to accept change and how to live with change.

You should definitely go for this one 🙂

Happy Reading✨

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