Book Review

Book Review | When Broken Hearts Meet

Title: When Broken Hearts Meet.

Author: Arushi Vats

Thank you @wordsbyarushi for sending me this beauty for an honest review and here it is.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.9

My Review:

The story revolves around Avanti and Suhaas. They both had a bad past and in one way or other, they both are fighting with its outcomes. Avanti meets suhaas through her friend Kritika and they started feeling a connection between them, where suhaas was able to express it sometimes, Avanti was still stuck in her past and was not ready to accept it.

So, further, this story is all about how will they unite? How will they realise their love for each other? Will they be able to overcome their past relationship and move forward, misunderstandings? How will their friends unite them? So, for the answers, you must pick the book.

🍁The beauty lies in the simplicity of this book, language is simple, the plot is simple and also the book cover.

🍁The book is all about love, friendship, past, healing of two hearts, how can a misunderstanding create so much chaos. ⠀

🍁The writer has written this book with so much emotion that when you will read this you can relate to few of the phrases.

🍁I also loved those pages from Avanti’s diary, the way the writer has put it in between the story was so beautiful and sensitive at the same time.

🍁There is nothing bad about this book, I found something missing and that was how Avanti and Suhaas felled in love, has not been clearly picturised.

🍁Trust me, this book is not like a typical bollywood movie, I felt this happens with every second person in this world and maybe after reading this a person can understand that love can happen twice, the heart can be healed in one way or other and also how to overcome a bad past.

🍁I feel this book has a lovely message for the readers that when broken hearts meet it creates a magic.

🍁I will recommend this to all the people who are into romantic genre, you should read it once.

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