Book Review

Book Review | The Code Of Manavas

Title: The Code of Manavas

Author: Arpit Bakshi

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⠀⠀⠀

Thank you @author_arpit for sending me ur book in return of an honest review and here it is.

My Review:

The storyline is about the future, two million years past AD 2050. The Kali-yuga has transformed into Swarnim yuga and Bhoomi (the erstwhile earth) has been inherited by the new successor – the Manavas. Despite being the epitome of human evolution, they are still facing the problems caused by the humans 2 million years ago.

The main character in the story is our beloved Krishna who is working hard to protect the Manavas from destruction.

And in between his effort and what happened next there lies so many difficulties to deal with and also to make the matter worse there is someone among them who wants to destroy Krishna and all the Manavas.

To know what happens next? Will Krishna be able to save Manavas? What will be the price to pay? Who is that foe among friends who want to destroy Krishna and manavas, you should pick the book.

🌸The most lovely part of the book is the narration, the way the story has been told is gorgeous.

🌸It’s science fiction with the flavour of mythology and that makes this book technologically and spiritually unique.

🌸The way Krishna has been described and presented is so beautiful, I didn’t imagine him as a god while reading because it was too real. The whole story revolves around Krishna and his efforts to save manavas.

🌸The language is simple not that complex but few words are there which are scientific but the author has defined all those terms at the end of the book.

🌸long read, so while reading patience will be the key.

🌸The end will make you crave for the second part of the book.

🌸Highly recommended to the people who are into science fiction and mythology, well everyone should read this book because the way the author has imagined all the things about the future and connected it with Lord Vishnu is incredible.




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