Who am I?

Hey guys, I am Diksha Suman.

I am a Blogger, Writer, Book reviewer, Philosopher, a Feminist and a Published Author (as a Co-writer of few books like “Flavours of Instagram Vol 3”, “Flavours of Instagram Vol 4”, “Carnation”, “Love to break up”, “Spectrum of thoughts”, “The Girl”, “Deep Quill”.

My Dream is to serve my country in any possible way I can, a pure #Deshbhakt I am🇮🇳 I want this world to be full of Positivity and Humanity plus I want to become a Successful Author, I want people to read my books and feel positive and motivated throughout their life.

🌸I want my world to be like, Nature, Books, Pizza, Ice Cream and travelling.♥
🌼I strongly believe in an “Independent life” rather than a “Settled one”.
🌼I am a combination of introvert and extrovert, it depends always on my mood.
🌼I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Since childhood, I am watching his movies and he inspires me a lot.
🌼Parents are my lifeline, whatever I do and whatever I will be doing is just for them.
🌼I am a religious person, a big follower of Krishna, Maa Durga and Mahadeva.
🌼Mother Teresa and Bheem Rao Ambedkar inspire me to do something great for this world before an exit.

What is my blog all about?

Here at beingsheblog, I will make you all look at this world through my eyes.

Initially, this blog was established by me just to write and bring Peace in my life but with time and little effort, this blog has evolved into something much more elaborate and meaningful, which is being loved by people and I am so happy about it.

My write-ups have simple words but deep thoughts and frankly speaking, I am writing to fill your voids, maybe because I filled mine.
I want you all to support me and love me.

Happy Reading💛