Hey Friends,

This is Diksha Suman.

Beside this, Her dream is to serve country with a powerful position, so that she could help the people of her country, and make their life peaceful.

A wardi lover she is🇮🇳

Apart from this, writing is something which brings Peace in her life, She started writing just to make her Heart feel less burden. She don’t want writing to feed her, writing is something which allow her exploding out her emotions and feeling on a piece of paper.

‘beingsheblog’ , is something which will make you aware about reality, life, love, Dreams in form of poems, quotes, micro tales, stories etc.

She believes in Equality but when she started writing, she started putting women’s pain and emotions in her poems and quotes and everyone started calling her a ‘Feminist’ and she started loving this word but still she always love to clear the meaning of this word, FEMINIST doesn’t mean being selfish or bringing women’s forward, this word is a voice of women’s out there who might have gone through something or may be not but she wants to bring the problems forward and make their life peaceful and worth living as others. Well, this is another thing because people understand what they wanna understand.
She strongly believe in “Indpendent life” rather than a “Settled one”. 
She is a big follower of Krishna, Maa durga and Mahadeva.
Mother Teresa and Bheem rao ambedkar inspires her alot.
Her writeups have simple words but deep thoughts and she is writing to fill your voids.
She wanna become a Successful Published author and motivate People through my books. 🌈
Recent achievements – 

I am a Co-writer of books-

▪ Flavours of Instagram Vol 3

▪ Flavours of Instagram Vol 4

▪ Carnation

▪ Love to breakup

▪ Wings of love

▪ Spectrum of thoughts

▪ The Girl

▪ Deep Quill

She is a combination of introvert and extrovert.👑

A big fan of Shahrukh Khan♥️ 

Parents are her lifeline.

Favourite Quote –“Fake it till you make it”.