Who am I?

This is Diksha Suman also known as beingsheblog :

1. Whenever you will pierce my heart with a knife instead of blood roses will ooze out with all the thorns facing outside.

2. The part of my body which even after numerous attack protects me just like a mother protecting her womb is my heart that beats like I am still so much alive.

3. Impressing me is not that hard because I love all the flowers.

4. It’s very easy to replace me because with time it’s hard loving me, you will give me an hour you will get few seconds because there is a war going on in my mind and it takes too much of my time.

5. There are a bunch of roses in my garden but a sunflower makes my day.

6. I am like a dream come true for the one who screams I can’t.

7. I had an accident when I was a child my mom said why you risk your life, will protect you today but how will I protect you when you will be far away from me and I said just pray for me.

8. When I failed people gave up on me but still there was someone who had faith in me that someone exists for you too, can you just go and look in your mirror for a while and later don’t forget to say thank you because I made you aware of an angel in your life.

9. There are so many promises to protect me, to take care of me but everything fades when I start being me.

10. I am not afraid of falling in love again, I am just afraid of falling.

11. While becoming a better version of yourself you will lose everyone around you because no one is interested in you unless you are being what they want you to be.

12. If you fall in love with me I can promise you I will make you fall for you.

13. There is something special about me I will take away all your pain but you don’t need to love me in return.

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What is my blog all about?

Here at beingsheblog, I will make you all look at this world through my eyes.

Initially, this blog was established by me just to write and bring peace in my life but with time and little effort, this blog has evolved into something much more elaborate and meaningful, which is being loved by people and I am so happy about it.

You will find here Poetries, Quotes, Blog about life, failure, Hearbreak, book reviews, other reviews to read.

My write-ups have simple words but deep thoughts and frankly speaking consider me your rainbow, I will find you and heal you.

Have a lovely stay here❤