Hey Friends.

I am Diksha Suman

A student of Social Work and Disaster Management. Beside this, my dream is to serve my country with a powerful position, so that I could help the people of my country, and make their life peaceful.

Apart from this, writing is something which brings Peace in my life, I started writing just to make my Heart feel less burden. I don’t want writing to feed me, writing is something which allow me exploding out my emotions and feeling on a piece of paper.

‘beingsheblog’ , is something which will make you aware about reality, life, love, Dreams in form of poems, quotes, micro tales, stories etc.

I wanna become a Published author and motivate People through my books. 🌈

(and one thing I would love to clear here, beingshe doesn’t mean a feminist writing a blog but it’s just that being a girl defines me, and I feel proud of that. I believe in equality.🌹)

I am a combination of introvert and extrovert. 

A big fan of Shahrukh Khan♥️ 

Parents are my lifeline.❤️ 

I strongly believe in “Independent life” rather than a “Settled life”. 🔥

I am a big follower of Krishna and Maa durga🌹

Mother Teresa and Bheem rao ambedkar inspires me alot.

My writeups have simple words but deep thoughts.

Favourite Quote –“Fake it till you make it”.