💛If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change, and Together We can Change this World 💜

Hello HomoSapiens, 

I wish Animals could read, But What’s The Need, They are SO PERFECT Anyway💜(Save Animals, Love Them). 

Well, Beingsheblog, Is all about My Experiences Till Date, My Thinking,Dreams, Life, Success, Women Empowerment, Social Evils. 

I write, what according to me is Right, I am not a perfect writer, nor I wanna be, it’s just that Today in this generation, we Are like Following Social Media too a great extent and It’s like it has become a solution to our every problem, we read smthng and we say it’s correct and might start following, we watch videos get inspire and motivated, etc etc.. So what according to me is right, I put it on my blog, so that someone, somewhere, will be reading and might find it accurate and start changing. 

Well, Dats sufficient for me. 

Well, Food, health, Fashion is not my thing, And I won’t Fool You All, I will try sharing Smthng regarding all this, I can’t Promise.😂

Mother Teresa and Bheem Rao Ambedkar are My Inspiration💟

Read, Follow Your Heart, Stay In Touch💜

Let’s form a Chain Of Inspiration and Humanity❤️