“Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!”❤️


One day something might happen which will hurt you, might be less or much more. 
What will you do?🙄

Lemme tell you. 

You will cry, you will not eat, you will not laugh, you will be empty.
Is this okay?

No other options left according to you.


I know it’s difficult, but the reason behind your pain is not so important that you will take care of it, even when it hurts. 

The problem lies inside you, firstly you give importance to a person, then after when he/she hurts you, you start giving importance to the pain gifted by them.

Who is at fault then?

You might be an emotional person, but being emotional and being fool differs.

“There will be bad days and good days too, few will hurt you, few will love you, take it as it is coming because it will leave a impact on your life and you too.❤️✨” 



​”The World doesn’t revolve around you”

You, Yes you. The world doesn’t revolve around you!

You have Friends, Family, Brother, Sister, Wife, your own children But have you ever thought what will happen when you will die?

Will the Earth stop revolving?

Will the whole world stop to mourn?

No! It won’t, the people who love you, they will mourn, how long do you think will they keep mourning? Forever? No!

Wake Up!

Let’s elaborate something which a wise woman said once (Note: women can be wise too!) 

“Sun will shine even brighter if you die

Everything will fall at the right place even if you fall”

What does it means?

It means being alive is totally about you. We attach with others whether family, Love, or friends to keep everything normal and at last everything ends normal.

For once question yourself,

What are you held by your past?

Why is it so difficult for you to live today?

Break the chains!

Set yourself loose!

You have the power to carve your own way. Why are you so afraid to live? For once live like you have never been before.

Live your life as there is no tomorrow! Who knows when will you die?

For once, don’t be strangled in the past, Live life the way you want, Do a thing without thinking, Try to laugh your lungs out. For once, Be free!

Why you ask me?

Because the world doesn’t

revolves around you!



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What I see today we are too busy in finding flaws and faults in each other that we are left with nothing in the end.

Relationship, whether its love or friendship, two people have to understand and respect each other.💓

Let’s work together on our flaws, no one is born perfect and nor will they die perfect.🎀

Better be a good person before a friend or get lost.🎀💛




She was never treated as a doll, neither by her father nor by her better half.

How difficult it was for her to survive, imagine.😑

Still she survived.

She please herself, by treating a doll the same way as she expected to be treated.

How brave is she.

Afterall a women she is.💓👍


Sometimes people around us don’t know why becomes so selfish.

They treat us badly, they never realise how much it hurts. 

Its like raising question on someone’s existence.

Is it fine?

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever felt people ignoring you and not giving you that attention which was totally yours,only because you are a Girl?


You all are Barbie’s, don’t expect someone treating you as doll, do it for yourself.💓




Don’t you think so?

Whether its an animal or a human, the weak one’s are attacked first, because weak has no VOICE, weak is alone, weak is depressed.

My whole life till date is spent watching the weak one’s suffering.

Everyone wish to bring a change in this world.

Yeah! We are fighting for weakest section of society,

But still I see a girl raped not acceptable in society.

Still I see a child working in a ‘dhaba’.

Still I see a women rejected only because her parents can’t afford the dowry amount.

Still I see a girl being harrased and being questioned by thousands of people around, only because ‘she is a girl, she must have provoked’.

Still I see a poor sleeping with a empty stomach.

Still I see a person loyal to his work suffering and a corrupt person enjoying a luxurious life.

Nothing is changing.

Its getting worse,

Who is responsible?

Me sometimes, you sometimes and this society everytimes.

Weak is Suffering, and society attacks because it knows, ‘kamjor ko dabana aasan hai’.

But we can help them, help them by making them feel that their existence is also so important to this world, becoming weak is gifting your life in society’s hand.

Be strong.

-Diksha Suman.





Dont you wait,

for a person who just left you alone or to whom you expect coming because you care for him or you love him.

We do that always. Isn’t it?

You expect comeback from a person who leaves you because according to you, you gave 100% to a relationship whether it was friendship, love etc. So you think that realisation will hit him, but once a person leave, they don’t come back, and if they come back, your love or friendship is never the reason (exceptions exist).

But you never realise that waiting is not an option for the ones who left you alone, it gives more pain.

It’s hard being left behind. It’s hard to be the one who stays.💓
-Diksha Suman.